Friday, November 14, 2008

18 weeks Saturday & other updates

So on Saturday I will 18 weeks--almost 5 months & almost half way there!! I am posting this early cuz I'm supposed to work the next 2 days, so I probably won't have time. (I say 'supposed to work' cuz I have a strong feeling I'm gonna call in sick for tomorrow) I should be feeling the baby move pretty soon & I am very excited about that.

So for 17 weeks the baby was the size of a turnip, but I haven't looked yet to see what size it is for 18 weeks. Oh wait, I think I may have read that it was the size of a mango--or that may have been for 19 weeks, I really can't remember right now.......

So this week is the first week I haven't had to take any naps. The last time I took a nap (well I actually slept pretty much all day long) was a week ago tomorrow. That is quite impressive at this point. And yesterday & today have been non-stop busy days, so yes, I am exhausted right now, but no, I don't have the uncontrollable urge to fall asleep like I did before. I do still get nauseated every evening around 9 pm, but a piece of sourdough toast with cream cheese on top usually nips that in the bud. (This child is already like clockwork--when it wants to be fed & when it makes me sick, LOL, I told hubby it's gonna be like me with my routines & doing things like clock-work--those that know me well will appreciate this!)

So yesterday I went for the in-depth ultrasound at the high risk OB's office. I really dislike going to this doc's office. It's just soooo ghetto. It's funny cuz my hubby hates going anywhere ghetto. But when it comes to shopping I frequently will go to ghetto stores just to save money. But when it comes to doc's offices I HATE going to ghetto ones. It's just a very different atmosphere & you are treated soooo differently than at non-ghetto doc offices. The problem is I LOVE my primary doc & refuse to change primary docs, BUT my primary doc happens to be in Riverside, so all the docs I see are in the Riverside group & a lot of them are in the ghetto part of Riverside or are serving the ghetto clientelle of Riverside. There aren't a whole lot of high risk OB's around, so it's not like I have a lot to choose from--to my knowledge the one I'm seeing is the ONLY one I can see per my insurance. Anyways, I digress, so I went yesterday & hubby joined me--this was the first time he went to this doc's office with me & he was totally hating the ghettoness of it. He was also shocked at some of the clientelle. (Not everyone goes to a high risk OB--there has to be some sort of risk--those over 35, under 18, with multiple births, things like that) So there were a couple of VERY YOUNG little girls there who were pregnant & hubby was in total shock. There was also a gal who looked 20-something who was absolutely HUGE, she was definitely having more than one. And then there were several pregnant women who looked well over 40 & they had tons of children there with them. Can someone say tubal ligation?????

Anyhow, so hubby finally got to see the baby. It was a fun moment for both of us. We told them we didn't want to know the sex & they couldn't see anyways--it had it's legs crossed, so hubby says it has to be a girl--boys don't cross their legs he says, LOL!! So anyways, I had thought my due date might change with this ultrasound, but it didn't. It's still April 18th for now. And the baby is supposed to weigh 5 oz right now, but it weighs 7 oz, so they're betting it's gonna be a big baby--duh, I'm not even 5 months yet & it's showing up hugely already. They commented both this time & last time that my placenta is low & they kinda have a hard time viewing it. I got tired of wondering if it was placenta previa or on it's way to that, so I asked this time. They said it's not yet & hopefully it won't end up being that. That would REALLY suck, you usually end up on bedrest with that. They keep asking me if I've had any bleeding (& I haven't) though just to make sure.

So I go back for the next ultrasound the week after Christmas. I'm still waiting for the results of my echo report from the cardiologist. And I see my regular OB at the end of this month. This following 3 docs is quite exhausting I must say.

As for me, I'm getting fed up with my work (my main job, not my side job). Starting last month & continuing on this month they have all kinds of mandatory stuff that we have to do on our days off. I am now going there 2-3 times per week on my off days. It's getting really irritating, especially with how tired I've been, not to mention how much gas I'm wasting. Today I went from 2-5 & then I'm supposed to go back from 7:30-10. I'm really, really tired now & am just not gonna go back at 7:30. And I'm also really considering calling in sick for tomorrow. I am just too exhausted. It's been MONTHS since I've called in sick, so they certainly can't tell me anything.

My side job I had REALLY pissed me off (several times actually) so I'm not planning to continue working with them. And I've been so tired & sick that I haven't wanted a second job up until now. I now feel like I'm able to do some extra days & we certainly need the extra income right now, so I'm in the process of starting work for a different registry company. I'll probably call them tomorrow to set up a formal interview & square things away, but I've already done a lot of paperwork online.

As for news at our house--we are quite positive now that we have yet another hot water slab leak in our master bedroom. We had one repaired last year in October. I had been feeling a hot spot on the floor right in front of my closet. Then finally the hot spot spread out to the entrance area & that's when I finally remembered to mention it to hubby & we started investigating & found out that that's what it was. We had to have people come & jackhammer through the concrete & replace part of the copper piping in my closet. They said there was a small kink in the tubing, it looked like it had been done when they originally laid it & it took all these years to wear out that spot, although it appeared that the leak had been going on for quite a while before we realized what was going on. So after that we had to rip out all our carpet in the master bedroom & we were told we needed to wait at least a couple of months for everything to dry out completely before putting down any type of flooring. So we waited & waited & waited & it never dried out completely. We were just realizing that it's been a year now & yet things are still wet under our bed........ And then about a week ago I found a hot spot on my side of the bed. And now it has suddenly spread out to the master bath floor as well. We went to look at our water meter & it is indeed slowly moving even when there's no water on anywhere in house, so yeah, it's pretty for sure. So hubby is planning to rent a jackhammer & do that part himself. Then he'll have someone come & replace the copper piping & then hubby will re-concrete it himself after. That way we save a lot of the cost of labor. I know these slab leaks are pretty common right now in these houses (it's just the age of them it seems), but I've never heard of anyone in here who's been through it TWICE. We are quite irritated to say the least.

On the 22nd I am going to a friend's wedding. I went through my closet & none of my dressy clothes fit at this point (not much of any of my clothes fit at this point, LOL). I went today to several stores to look for maternity clothes. Most stores just don't sell them & those that do have really small & lousy variety to choose from. I ended up at one of those maternity stores. (I remember I kept asking hubby how those stores stay in business--but now I understand how--it's cuz no one else sells that stuff) So I found a nice pair of slacks & bought those--I'll definintely need them for the job interview coming up & I'm sure there'll be other occasions between now & April that sweats just aren't appropriate. I tried on a few dresses, most were too baggy & tent like--I didn't look pregnant, just fat & I didn't like that. I did find one really cute dress, but it was a bit casual. I didn't get it, I'll think about it & maybe take hubby back with me to get his opinion. Part of me hates to spend money on a dress I'm only going to wear once ever (it's not like I'm IN the wedding). Especially with me being pregnant over the winter, dresses aren't gonna be the way to go really. So I'm considering pairing the nice slacks with a nice blouse (& I really have my heart set on wearing my wedding shoes with it), but we'll see.

I guess that's all the updates I have for now................I tried to make up for the shortness of my last blog, LOL!!

EDITED TO ADD: I went out today to the mall & found a silver blouse to match my silver wedding shoes (instead of calling these MY wedding shoes I think they should now be called THE wedding shoes, since I wore them to my own wedding, my brother's wedding, & now Byron's wedding). It's not from a maternity store but it's very dressy & I can definintely wear it again for a special occasion. It hangs loosely & I was hoping to find something more fitted to show off the baby, but it was the only thing I could find that worked for the wedding, so I guess no one at the wedding will know I'm pregnant, LOL!

I also forgot to post that I am still working out as usual--4 days of spinning, 2 of pilates, & 2 of yoga each week.

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