Wednesday, September 9, 2009

4.5 month update

So lil J is about 4 & 1/2 months now. There seems to be lots of rapid changes lately.

A few weeks ago he was turning on his side & then all of a sudden he was able to turn over completely & he is obsessed with this now (but I have to supervise cuz he tries to crawl & he'll get tired & start screaming until he is breathless)--so leaving him in his rainforest gym when I'm out of the room is out of the question these days.

He's doing really well with eating. He doesn't care much for peas--I still have some prepared--I think I'll mix them in with cereal or something. He'll eat them, but I'd rather make it more to where he likes it I think.

He's starting to really fight his naps these days, so he spends a lot of time in the swing (cuz if I put him in the crib when he's fighting it he'll just put himself on his tummy & crawl to the end of the crib where he can't crawl anymore & cry about it).

He goes in the jumper a couple of times each day--he likes it & it helps to use up some of that energy he's always full of.

Hubby & I are planning to get a walker/exersaucer type thing pretty soon. We really feel like we need another option for him these days & think he'd really enjoy that.

I started going into the pool with him again today & plan to do more of it. I enjoy it, he enjoys it, & he really wears himself out in there & naps really well after it.

In the mornings I've been setting him up with a movie while I work out & shower. I had wanted to put on Prince of Egypt, BUT can't find for a while it was Lady & the Tramp (cuz he really likes dogs) but then I put Dumbo (he has some toy elephants he likes too) & then Oliver & Company. Today I was at WalMart buying baby formula & saw a Veggie Tales movie so I got it. I'm really excited to be able to play that one for him. I still really wish I had the "Your Baby Can Read" program & could be showing him that instead in the mornings............I need a way to raise $200 to be able to get that..........

I had resisted encouraging him to watch TV up until recently. He was VERY interested in TV when he was a little younger & I kept trying to get him to not look at it. I didn't want him to get so accustomed to it. Hubby didn't see it as a bad thing. I was just worried about instilling the habit at such a young age. But there's no other way to keep him preoccupied while I'm showering now......and I really would rather him watch a DVD than to sit there & scream cuz he's lonely. I do have to admit that I watched A LOT of TV as a kid--way more than I should have I am sure. And I turned out ok & still prefer books to TV any day. So I guess I shouldn't worry so much. And if I make it a forbidden thing then he's REALLY gonna be even more interested in it than he already is.

He recently started wearing size 9 month clothes. I always try to have clothes the next size up for when he needs them. So I went today to Carter's & got some 12 month clothes. They had soooo much cute stuff (& such great prices too & they always give me coupons)--that really is my FAVE store these days! I'm estimating that he'll move up into size 12 months somewhere around late November/Early December. The size 12 month pjs have rubber traction soles on the feet, I hadn't seen that yet, who knows, maybe he'll be needing that by then!!

Every time I go to Carter's it seems to be the same gal working there & she always remembers us & is amazed at how big little one is getting & how big of sizes he is wearing for his age (but I checked their size guide & based on his weight & length 9 month is where he should be). She was telling me today that she can't wait to see him come in walking instead of in the stroller!!

Speaking of people knowing him, I am so pleased with our nursery at Church. On Sundays there's two women (might be mother & daughter) that LOVE little one. They always look for him as they come in & missed him the one day he skipped (when he was sick & we took him into the overflow with us instead of the nursery so he wouldn't get other babies sick). Last Sunday the younger one of the two took him while I was still in line & when I got to the counter & was filling out the paperwork the older one told me that someone else had gotten him last week & they held him the whole time (she said this like she couldn't believe the nerve of them, LOL), so she wanted to make sure she got him this week (she said she kept complaining that someone stole her baby, LOL!). It's so nice to hear that. But they have been watching him since he was 2 weeks old. And on Monday nights he has gotten to know those women & the one lady is always carrying little one around no matter what she's doing in there. After our Bible study I always peek through the window to see what little one is doing & he's always in her arms. One week there was a bunch of little ones in there & some were crying, etc, but she still had little one in her arms. And I've seen her handing back people's diaper bags, etc with little little one in her arms. She never wants to give him up to anyone else working in there. It's nice to know that he is well taken care of & that they like having him.


Unknown said...

Just catching up on these posts! I didn't know you had this blog! Your adorable little guy is growing so fast! It's amazing how it feels like some days you just blink and all of a sudden, they've grown! xo

Frau Guten Tag said...

Yep, I couldn't agree more.

I've been blogging on MySpace for a long time but since I seem to be moving over to Facebook I set up a blog here & am currently still posting my blogs in BOTH places, but I can link these to Facebook.