Wednesday, July 20, 2011

27 month updates on Lil J

Just a super quick update, not a whole lot to report.

Weight: 32 lbs (75-90%), height: 36" (50-75%), head circumference: 20.5" (>95%).

He knows his entire upper case alphabet very very well now. We've been working on lower case for a few days now & he is doing well. Sometimes he knows all of them & sometimes he still struggles with "b", "d", & "q".

When we first started the lower case letters he was fine with letters like "s" & "o", but with letters like "e" & "a" he would look at me like "are you sure mommy?" & he'd give me this little smile as if he was expecting me to say I was just kidding.

My favorite moment was with "j". It doesn't look too different from "J" so he said "j" but then casually added "hi ball". As if "ball" had decided to pay "J" a visit. I could not stop laughing & Lil J honestly couldn't understand what was so funny.

Thats about all I have for updates at this time.

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