Wednesday, October 29, 2008

15 weeks

So today I am 15 weeks pregnant. Not much to report--no changes so far. Still tired all the time & still getting very sick late at night. It makes it really hard to fall asleep & I've spent a few nights heaving over the toilet for over an hour while hubby sleeps peacefully. Yeah, pretty much my life continues to suck these days.

So this week the baby is the size of an apple. After I finish writing this I'll go exchange the lemon for an apple on our bed. But the apples we have in the house are kinda small ones................but I'm planning to go grocery shopping on Saturday so maybe I can pick up a bigger one.......we'll see.............

Still the only highlight of my day is my workout. I am still working out 4 days/week. I am doing spinning all 4 days, usually for 40 minutes 3 of those days & for 20 minutes on 1 of those days. And I do pilates 2 days & yoga 2 days. I have to admit I am really enjoying the yoga. It REALLY feels good & the next day I really feel like I worked out.

I am now starting to feel the baby get in the way when I do things I normally do. And when I move a certain way or turn from side to side the way it moves feels really weird to me, it's clear that it is it's own separate entity, the way it moves I mean. I know it's there, I stare in the mirror quite often at it, shocked at how big it is, but it's still a funny feeling when I find it getting in the way. I had to go to work yesterday for a mandatory training class on a new timeclock system we're getting. Afterwards I went upstairs to visit my coworkers & show them my tummy. In scrubs they really can't see it yet & they always insist there's nothing there yet. They were all shocked at how big it really is already. Although one girl said 'a really good meal could also do that too, though' We all laughed, but I insisted that no matter how big of a meal I ate my tummy would not be this huge, LOL. I think the shock of it for me comes mostly from the fact that I do not gain weight in my middle. Women are either pears or apples & I am definitely a pear--gaining in my butt & thighs when I do gain. So having a tummy is so very foreign to me. It feels really strange.

My next doc appointment is tomorrow. I'll probably post a blog afterwards, if anything significant happens that is. I really can't wait til I hit 20 weeks so I can at least say that I am half way there. I'm still hoping the fatigue & nausea let up as they are supposed to now, but since they haven't yet I'm not holding my breath for it to happen anymore.

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