Wednesday, October 1, 2008

garden update

Just a quick update on the garden. I really need to get some pics, just haven't had time, or actually the energy, to get any.

So the cucumbers have lots of babies that are maturing on the vines. We harvested a couple of jalapenos already. I gave them to my mother in law, she LOVED them. I also gave her one of the first cucumbers--she said it was the best cucumber she's had in YEARS. Hubby ate the other cucumber & couldn't stop raving about it. There are more jalapenos coming & there are serranos coming too. There are little green beefsteak tomatoes on one of the tomato plants, the roma tomatos just don't seem to be doing well enough to produce anything unfortunately. There are several baby cantaloupes on the vine. Still no sign of zucchini, bell pepper, or watermelon, but I do know that watermelon takes a long time to produce & since we started the garden late we just may not end up getting any. The herbs are doing well too, as always.

I guess that's about it for now........................

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