Sunday, December 7, 2008

21 weeks & other updates.........

So today I am 21 weeks. I don't know what the baby is the size of, I didn't get my weekly email that tells me that yet for some reason................I could look in my book, but I'm too lazy today.

I have done some pilates & yoga this week, but not as much as I would have liked & I really miss the bike. I think next week I'm gonna try to move my workouts back into the garage. The blower is keeping it somewhat more dry out there & the ozone machine removed the bad smell that was out there.

I have been slowly making efforts to shift my eating habits more back to my norms. I can't do this completely, meat is still very unappealing to me at this point. But I've been eating a lot more veggies lately & I bought some whole wheat sourdough to try to get myself back to whole wheat bread. (I also made some wheat banana bread this week & have been tolerating that, but it's not WHOLE wheat.

I've had a lot of leg cramps at night lately. It's hard to sleep. I know this is usually caused by lack of potassium, but it can also be caused by lack of calcium or magnesium. I went out & bought a ton of bananas & have been making banana malts on a daily basis. It's been slightly better since I started doing that.

I am busting out of almost all my clothes at this point. I can still fit into my sweats, although the one pair of maternity pants I have are by far the most comfy. But almost all of my tops are now getting too short. I really don't want to spend money on clothes I'm only going to wear for a couple of months, but I think I'm gonna have to, at least for a couple of things. I'm just waiting cuz money's tight & Christmas is upon us, so we are trying to provide for the kids when it comes to that. There is no money for me buying clothes right now.

I haven't given updates on the garden in a long time I think--it's doing very well. In fact, it's surprising thriving despite the weather shifting & winter almost being upon us. Most of the stuff is still producing & a lot of it is even blooming with flowers right now. The tomato plants look the best they've looked all season & they've provided us with 2 tomatoes now. I know that's not much, but we started them late & then battled those ugly horn worms a lot. They are flowering a lot right now & are SUPER bushy. There might even be more tomatoes hiding in there. They are hard to spot while still green, but once they start turning red they become more easy to spot. The cucumbers keep on producing regularly as do the chile plants. But we've still never gotten anything from the zucchini plant & the bell pepper plant. The herbs are still doing great too. Still nothing on the watermelon plant, but the cantaloupe plant has a little melon on it, it's just still really small for now. I'm sure we would've gotten more if we had started the garden in the spring. But we'll do much better next year, that's for sure.

As for the fire situation--our estimate for the smoke damage is $44K. We are waiting for our guy to finish writing it all up according to the specific software that the insurance requires & then he'll submit it & we'll go from there. Our insurance is submitting checks to us now for all the money we were forced to spend during the mandatory evacuation (hotel, food, clothes, toiletries, etc). I think it was around $500 total. I also still want my wedding dress cleaned. It's been in the garage & I want the smoke smell out. And I want MY dry cleaner that I know & trust to do it. So we'll still have to submit that receipt & get reimbursed for it.

We did open a claim for the slab leak, but haven't seen the total on the estimate for that one yet. He's writing up the estimate for repiping through the attic, so it's not gonna be cheap, but we aren't sure if the insurance will ok that or not. I wanted to repipe through the attic when we had the first leak, but we didn't want to spend the money (our insurance wouldn't cover that leak, saying there was no damage, I guess somehow the soaking wet carpet we had to rip out & throw away doesn't count as damage??) So now that we have ANOTHER leak we are thinking there will be more in the future & we don't want to keep dealing with this & now we really want to repipe through the attic. But we have to wait & see what the insurance has to say about that. We definitely have damage this time, though, a lot of the wall between the master bedroom & garage now has water damage & will also have to be replaced. This is not gonna be a cheap job, that's for sure.

I think that's all the updates I have for now.............

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