Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Here comes the wind.....

So the last couple of days here the clouds have been moving in & it's been getting darker & darker.......it definitely looked like it was gonna rain. I must say that right now we really need the rain to wash away all the ash & other debris particles leftover after the fire.

But alas, I got up in the middle of the night last night to use the bathroom (as I do many times each night these days) & heard the wind roaring outside. It has continued to roar through here since then.

Normally when the wind picks up here I like it. I love to listen to the sound of & it blows out all the smog & leaves the air so fresh & clean. But not this time. This time it is merely picking up & spreading around all the ash & debris particles. The air quality is horrendous here right now.

I had to go run some errands today & once you are out of the immediate fire zones you can clearly see that the whole area that was subjected to fire is sitting in a brown haze.

I suppose if it keeps on blowing it will eventually blow it out of this area, but then some other poor folks will just end up breathing it I'm sure. We were hoping for rain, lots of it, to wash away all the ash & debris particles, but no such luck.

And of course the wind is blowing the tarps off of Victor's & the Hicks' houses. It's amazing how much more difficult it is to secure a tarp to a house with no roof. If a roof just has a hole or leak it's pretty easy to secure a tarp to it, but if there is absolutely no roof left (as in the case of Victor & the Hicks) it's really hard to do. They did put up a frame on top to be able to put the tarp, but it's just a frame, not a solid, sturdy, actual roof. At least there's no immediate chance of rain right now, I'm sure the workers will get both of the tarps secured once again shortly.

I dropped off my wedding gown at the dry cleaner's this morning. They said it starts at $160 & they won't know the final price until they are done. Our fire restoration guy is gonna cut us a check for it as soon as we have the total price. And we did have to add on the fishtank filter to the list of fire restoration stuff. The fish had died during the fire & when I went to clean up the tank there was a layer of ashes in there. The filter was really clogged up with ashes too. And then the filter wouldn't work anymore. So we're gonna get that replaced & maybe put some lights on the tank too (we've been needing those for a while now). And then I want to put some plants in there (I can do that without spending $$) And later on when we have a little money I'll put some fish in again. I am planning to do a coldwater tank this time--with some orandas & black moors.

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