Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My home gym part 2

Ok, this is part 2 of the previous blog I posted. 

Pic 1) This is my pull up bar.  I'll admit I am not very good at pull ups, but I still try.  I can do under-hand much better than over-hand.  I also sometimes use this for ab work.  If you simply hang from it & draw your lower body into your chest it will REALLY work your abs.  Make sure you lift & lower fully each time or else you're cheating.

Pic 2) This is my TV, DVD player, & VHS player where I play my workouts.  There's also an assortment of small props: my running shoes, my cross trainer shoes, ankle weights, stretching straps, yoga blocks, mats, a pillow.  There's also a set of 2 lb dumb bells.  I almost never use these, but if I do it's for cardio workouts, not strength training.  The bottom shelf here is where I store all my workout DVDs (& there's a few VHS as well).  There's a mirror on each side of this, which is where I watch my form.  Form is sooo important.  I honestly don't know how I managed all the years I worked out in my bedroom without good mirrors.

Pic 3) This is my pilates fitness circle.  I've had this for many years, but never found a challenging workout that incorporates it until very recently.  I am now happy to report that I am using it on a regular basis.  It seems I have graduated from basic matwork pilates.  I now do pilates either with the fitness circle, the BOSU, or the stability ball.  I am still hoping one day to get a reformer & be able to do my pilates that way. 

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