Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY:  Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Outside my window...  It's been very hot & humid for way too long now.  I really really dislike humidity.  I dislike having to run the a/c & I dislike not being to go for walks & to parks & just spending time outdoors in general.

I am thinking...  How tired I am of feeling so locked up in my house.  Going a tad stir-crazy.

I am thankful...  for having air conditioning; I know there are folks who don't & I REALLY feel for them right now.

In the kitchen...  made chicken, rice, & asparagus last night for dinner......tonight will be a night of left-overs I think.

I am wearing...  grey tank top, denim shorts

I am working on...  getting Lil J's baby book updated--need to print out some pics

I am going...  to my niece's birthday party this weekend

From the learning rooms.....  still just daily Bible study & reading lessons for Lil J, next month will be starting Preschool

I am reading...  just Bible, but will probably start a novel soon, been craving a good novel recently

I am hoping...  this weekend works out well; Lil J has swimming lessons & my niece has a birthday party, but hubby has a business meeting that has to get squeezed in there as well-I just hope it all works out

I am looking forward to...  ahhhh, a wedding next month!  I've been craving a good wedding for quite some time now; and not only do we get to go to a wedding, but my Lil J is going to be the ring bearer!  I feel so honored.

I am learning.........  how to have more patience & understanding with difficult people

Around the house...  did laundry & floors & bathrooms & dusting yesterday; still gotta do the kitchen & then some work outside (weeding & hosing)

I am pondering...  how so many people are so focused on the splinter in other people's eyes while looking past the log in their own & all the while they have no clue they are doing so......makes me wonder how many times I am guilty of the same & why it's so easy to see someone else's sin but not your own.......and makes me wonder why we can't just all help each other (& why we don't all WANT the help) by lovingly sharing with each other when there is visible sin.

A favorite quote for today...  Love the Lord your God--Matt 22:37

One of my favorite things...  fun time (free time) with my hubby; this last weekend was really great between swimming lessons, going to Bass Pro Shop & to the pool

A few plans for the rest of the week:  to the pool tomorrow & probably Friday too; not sure about Thursday yet

I am praying for: my stepson (been very sick), my hubby (seeing an ENT soon), Lil J's appetite, my own health issues, lots of family & friends

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