Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Defeat Cancer Now

For some time now I have known that if I were to receive a cancer diagnosis I would refuse the traditional chemotherapy & radiation therapy. 

I have done a lot of research on the alternative medicine side of cancer.  I'm not trying to be paranoid about receiving a cancer diagnosis, but I do want to be prepared if I ever do receive one.  I can only imagine how fearful one must feel when they receive that sort of news from their doctor.  In a state of fear you might just agree to anything & everything offered.  But if you know in advance exactly how you want to proceed I think you're much better off.  It's a bit like writing up your birthing plan when your pregnant I suppose. 

Anyways, I've been doing research for many years now & one thing I always find is that the alternative medicine doctors that specialize in cancer are VERY expensive.  I have always hoped that I would be able to afford it if I need it. 

And now I found a new book that I LOVE.  You can view/purchase it here And it is written by a woman who discovered she had cancer (very advanced cancer I might add) who healed herself.  I know it's doable, it's simply a matter of knowing how to do it.

Even greater is the fact that she was unemployed & uninsured during all of this & she not only shares all she learned, but she gives tips on how to keep it all affordable during the process. 

Yes, you could do what she's done--tons of research & trial & error along the way.  But how much better to already have someone who's done the research & the trial & errors & is willing to share it with you?  That's truly invaluable in my opinion. 

In the past it seems like most everything I find gives hints as to how to heal your cancer, & to get the full details you have to spend some serious money.  So this book is truly priceless to me.  I hope that I never need the info in it, but if I do I'm glad I have it.  I really need to & hope to be able to order another copy & have it ready to give away to anyone I know who is diagnosed with cancer & willing to try this approach. 

But even though I don't have cancer (that I'm aware of) the book is still valuable to me right now.  She details a very thorough full body detox.  She recommends that everyone do this detox yearly & that those with cancer do it twice a year.  I am currently going through the first stage of this detox-which is the colon cleanse.  After that you do the fungus/parasite cleanse & then the kidney cleanse, & then the liver cleanse. 


Anonymous said...

I find a ton of valuable information on Tamara's (the author of the book you are endorsing)site. I am wondering if she disclosed in the book that she is SELF DIAGNOSED. She has never been to a doctor (Naturopath or conventional) regarding the "cancer". While I value the information she shares, I think this point MUST be more transparent. It is irresponsible to claim she cured her cancer without disclosing that she was never diagnosed and has had no documented diagnosis or follow up. Please let us know if this fact is made clear in her book...It is not on the Facebook Page or on her website. I think people who are fighting for their lives need all the facts...Do you agree?

Pato said...

I read Tamara's book and I follow her FB page. She states in her book that she has done a test and I remember clearly her posting the results of it after the doctor sent them back. If I had cancer and I have nothing to lose but my life, I wouldn't even have the time to judge a person as irresponsible just for trying to help others. I would try Tamara's approach without a doubt.

Frau Guten Tag said...

Pato is absolutely correct. She did have testing done that confirmed she had cancer & she did post a photo of it, for the folks like the one posting the negative comment here.

Devorah's Underground said...

I love your site, and I have also read Tamara's book. She does give two proofs of her cancer, 1. The Navarro test and cited the letter in her book, 2. and the rash around her neck that surfaces when only cancer is present. It is a difficult conclusion to get your head around, that the traditional route of cancer treatment is not the way to reverse cancer. My family experienced this when my younger brother was diagnosed at 45 with lung cancer. He lived 3 months after his diagnosis, dying within weeks after agressive chemo treatments. I have reversed my own health issues, and went up against the medical system. It's a tough thing. Some will hear you, others won't. It's a paradigm shift for sure. I understand why the above person posted, because I saw this with my own family. There is no logic or reason when you are scared to death. Tamara St John in my eyes, is an incredibly brave woman to even write a book and open herself up to being proven as uncredible...because she had to go outside the box for healing. Thank God for her.

Frau Guten Tag said...

Laurie makes an excellent point. When I was first learning about the alternative side of cancer treatment I did have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that a lot of people don't go back & have scans & surgeries to confirm that the cancer is gone. They just know that they feel fine & live their life enjoying good health. I struggled with that for a while, but can now understand it. When you step outside the standard accepted norm of medicine it can be hard to accept any part of it for any of us.