Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I have always been extremely fascinated with what makes people who they are.  Life experiences, genetics, etc, that sort of thing.

Another thing that fascinates me tremendously is memories.  Lil J is now creeping closer & closer to the age of 4.  I know that for myself my earliest memories are vague, but they are prior to my 4th birthday.  I don't know exactly where they fall in the 3rd year, but I would assume that they are probably definitely in the second half of the third year.  Most of these memories were out of the ordinary things.  And I definitely have more early memories from age 4 & onward.

And since my son has been born I have been repeatedly thinking to myself "he will never remember any of this"......and it's soooo weird to me.  I also have to wonder why God designed it that way. 

But now that he is getting closer to 4, I keep wondering if he's going to remember any of what is going on right now?  Will he remember this Christmas that just took place?  He was awfully excited about all of it.  I think it's possible that he just might remember some part of this Christmas season.

Prior to his 3rd birthday we took him to the zoo & I was thinking about the fact that he would never remember any of it.  For his 3rd birthday we took him to Sea World & again I kept thinking about the fact that he most likely wouldn't remember it.  In a couple of weeks we are taking him to see a Monster Truck show.  And I am wondering if it will be something he remembers.....  We haven't discussed where to take him for his 4th birthday yet......I really want to take him to California Adventure, to see Cars Land, but I know hubby wants to take him to Lego Land.  So we'll see.....but by then I do think he'll be remembering something like that.

On a slightly different side note: I am also amazed at how good his memory is of his life so far.  He remembers things so well, random things from a long time ago even.

And, unfortunately, he remembers negative things also.  When he was in the nursery at church (prior to the 3 year old Sunday school classroom he's in now) he had an incident with one of the women there.  I'm not entirely sure what took place, but I am pretty sure it involved him going potty.  There was one woman in the nursery that complained about him having accidents every single week.  She even told me to take him to the doctor, telling me it wasn't normal & that he must have diabetes or something wrong with him.   (I should add that no one else ever complained at all about him having potty accidents) Lil J has never liked this woman at all since those days.  Fortunately for Lil J she quit working in the nursery on a regular basis & then he also moved up to the Sunday school classroom & out of the nursery.  But every once in a while they call her (& her husband) in to sub, even for the Sunday school class.  And Lil J remembers her well & whatever took place & the fact that he doesn't like her.  She was there just this past Sunday & as soon as we walked in & saw her Lil J's demeanor changed & he did NOT want to talk to her at all.  He totally refused to tell her his memory verse. 

I honestly think the woman has forgotten the incident, or possibly never realized there was an incident at all.  I have tried to talk to Lil J about forgiveness, but I don't think he really gets it yet, he's just too young to comprehend that I think.  It's also hard when he can't verbalize to me what actually took place.  I have asked him many times, but he is unable to put it into words as of yet.

Just a little rambling on memories & memory.........

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