Friday, November 27, 2009

7 month update

So lil J is now 7 months old. His length is 28.5", his head circumference is 18", & his weight is 21.6 lbs. He's still wearing size 12 month clothes for now, but I can see they are shrinking (LOL) on a daily basis. I gotta go shopping for the next size up pretty soon.

He had a little tummy virus type thing this past month & he lost a little weight during that time so he now weighs exactly what he weighed last month. For all 3 of those measurements he is at 75-90% percentile. This is a big jump up for the head circumference (which I am pleased to see) & a drop for his weight (which I am also pleased to see). His length was never at either extreme really.

This month I am introducing meat: chicken & turkey. If you will recall he started on solids at 4 months of age--first rice cereal & veggies. At 5 months I added in fruits. At 6 months I added in lentils & a few other beans. So now at 7 months I am adding meat. I think next month I'll be adding finger foods & then at 9 months he goes to a slightly chunkier texture of baby food. Beyond that I don't know yet......I'm really learning as I go. So he eats 2-3 "solid" meals per day & still drinks 4-5 8 oz bottles of formula each day.

He is very verbal these days--always making little noises & verbalizations. He is really trying to communicate with us & the dogs.

He is still trying to crawl & REALLY close to doing so well, but he hasn't quite mastered it yet. The only time he ever pulls himself to standing is when he's on my lap. he enjoys this a lot (as do I).

His mood is generally great unless he's tired or hungry. I am really in awe of how good of a child he really seems to be. I certainly hope it stays this way. That's not to say that he NEVER has his bad moments--he does (don't we all?), but it's not the norm & not all the time.

He still is doing the "your baby can read" program & is still enjoying watching the DVDs & he really loves the flashcards. The books are "just ok" it seems. He has a few other "touch & feel" type books that he enjoys--he enjoys touching different textures a lot. He still loves watching palm trees blow in the wind, the fishtank, & the dogs. He still loves his jumperoo, but now spends A LOT of time just playing on the floor (rolling around & trying to crawl). And from time to time he goes in the walker, mostly on the weekends when hubby is working outside--I put him in the walker & put his little shoes on & we head outside to hang out with daddy.

I really can't think of any other updates at this time...........