Friday, February 5, 2010

Anti-fungus diet update

So to recap I started this diet on November 16, 2009. Within a month all but one of my skin issues had gone away completely & the one remaining was much, much better than it has ever been. (It did later on clear up completely, just took a little longer than the others)

On February 20, 2010 I got sick with the stomach flu. For some reason when I am nauseated the only foods I can eat are carbs. I had this problem with my entire pregnancy--I wasn't lucky enough for the nausea to go away after the first trimester, it stuck with me for the ENTIRE pregnancy.

So as of February 20th I went off my diet. I could've gone back on in a couple of days & I should have, but I was having fun. I wasn't eating horribly, just things that aren't on the diet. One of my skin issues returned in about a week. I also had this fullness in my left ear--it was fluid in my ear & it was painful & I couldn't hear at all in this ear. I've had this problem off & on for most of my life, have had chronic ear problems since I was 1 week old. 2 weeks after falling off the wagon a second skin issue returned & I then rushed back to phase 1 of my diet.

Now, not only have my skin issues already reversed, but the fluid in my ear is gone also. I hadn't even thought that that may be diet related.

I will never be able to stick to this diet 100%, but I will definitely keep my cheating to a minimum & certainly not for a week or more at a time.

If anyone is interested in this diet, please go to & feel free to ask me any questions you might have, it's an amazing diet & I want nothing more than to help others feel as great as I do.

EDIT: 2/9/10:
just in case anyone is doubting this post just a couple days after posting this I gave in to temptation & had a pineapple pastry from Whole Foods (hubby loves pastry & always has them in the house) & the next day my ear was full again. I again went back on this diet & the following day my ear was back to normal & has stayed that way.

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Calfkeeper said...

I will have to look into this sounds interesting. I am trying to cut out sugar and white foods now. I feel better because of it.

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