Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 month updates

So little J is now 10 months old. 2 more months & he'll be a year old already. He's almost not a "baby" anymore! He now weighs 24 lbs (10-25% percentile), his length is 30" (75-90% percentile), & his head circumference is 18.5" (75-90% percentile). I believe this is his lowest weight percentile to date.

He is still extremely active, crawling & cruising, but his appetite has also increased quite a bit. His feeding schedule remains pretty much the same: still breakfast, lunch, & dinner meals followed by bottle of formula as well as a bottle of diluted juice between breakfast & lunch. He is eating more finger foods, but there are still plenty of meals that I spoon feed to him. I try to always make lunch finger foods though, he likes the independence & I want to encourage that.

He is extremely verbal these days. He always has been, but is definitely more-so now than ever before. The gals in the nursery at church were cracking up telling me they can't believe all the noises he makes! They also asked me to not let him learn how to walk (as soon as he starts walking he has to go to a different nursery) because they don't want to see him go. They have known him since he was 6 days old & they really love him. They always tell me how good he is & that he never cries. He never cries about me leaving him there, he seems to love them too.

That's all the updates I can think of for now.......until next month...........


Unknown said...

Too cute! I cannot believe he is 10 months old already! How on earth did that happen??

jen brugger said...

just wait...before you know it he'll be walking and talking. for us it opend up a whole new world of places to go and things to do. they start exploring their world even more. it seems to be my favorite stage so far.

got anything planned for his 1st birthday?

jen brugger

Frau Guten Tag said...

we're definitely gonna have a big family get-together/first bday party, but we do that for most of the kids' bdays. Aside from that nothing really planned. I really want to get him one of those type of toys that they can ride on or stand behind & push for his bday.