Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nutrition advice from the media/govt/etc

This blog post is a bit late, way overdue, I just haven't felt like sitting down to write it until now.

It's amazing to me when you take a closer look at your own knowledge of nutrition. When you really dig around & start doing research you find that what you've been taught is simply what benefits whoever is teaching. Or perhaps the one that is teaching got paid off to teach that.

I've known this info for a few years now, but I've just been sitting back & observing until now. But yeah, I see that sort of stuff go on all the time. It reminds me of a store, any sort of store. If you have something on your hands that you need to (or want to) sell, what do you do? Well of course you advertise it, promote it, put it on sale, tell people why they need it, etc. This is basically the heart of nutrition in our world today.

Let me give a couple of examples, cuz I know some people are gonna be doubting this (just as I was when I first heard the suggestion).

Well there's milk for example. The fat in milk is needed to make butter, ice cream, sour cream, whipping cream, half & half, cream cheese, cheeses, etc. So after all that is made there's a whole lot of milk left over with little to no fat in it. Most people prefer the taste of whole milk though. So they teach you that fat in your milk is BAD for you. They scare you away from whole milk. And of course, problem is solved.

There's all the artificial sweeteners that are sooooo bad for us that they insist on telling us aren't. However when a newer one comes along that they want to promote more they will start to reveal negative things about a previous one to get consumers jumping on the newer one. I often hear people criticizing someone for using a particular artificial sweetener while they're using one (just a different one) too! They're ALL bad, so stop pointing fingers unless you're gonna clean up your own act!!

And then there's the whole GMO issue. When they engineered GMO soy, they started promoting soy BIG TIME. They kept insisting it was soooo good for us. On a side note, soy used to be the food item people turned to when they had food allergies/issues. Now soy is one of the highest allergenic foods--this is because the GMO soy is known to cause allergies. If you buy organic soy you most likely won't have an allergy to it. Organic is the only real way to avoid GMO.

When they engineered GMO corn they found uses for corn in just about everything out there, even non-food items like diapers & tons of others. One of those tons of uses was High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). This sweetener made it's way into TONS of products. They convinced the public that sugar was bad for them--both to promote HFCS as well as promote GMO artificial sweeteners. Later on they were working on a GMO sugar beet. They decided to release it, but how you ask, when they have convinced the public that sugar is evil? Of course they let HFCS take a fall & they divulge that it contains mercury. After scaring the public away from HFCS they then label tons of foods/drinks "made with real sugar"--yeah, GMO sugar! No one ever stops to ask why they waited so long to reveal bad things about a product though--a product that they were making a ton of money off of.

And yes, tons of people fall for this & follow along blindly. Even worse is that unhealthy people generate a TON of money. So the government has no interest in promoting health in all actuality. There is SO MUCH money generated by unhealthy people that you can't even imagine. Aside from the doctor bills, hospital bills, prescription medicine, OTC medicine, there are tons of research companies, American health associations & the like. There is tons of money generated on advertising, weight loss (there's a HUGE amount of money generated right there alone), finding cures for diseases & the like. I know there are others & there are plenty that I'm not even aware of.

The point is to be aware & to beware. Beware of those who come to you in the name of YOUR health & YOUR well-being. Yes, I believe it's important to take care of ourselves & be healthy. I don't try to live LONGER, but I do want to enjoy the time that I have here on earth. I want quality of life, not quantity. I don't want to end up dependent on someone to take care of me, dependent on tons of medicines, etc, etc. When you hear something, ask yourself WHO is saying it & look for possible motives. Look at who is paying for it or who is profiting from it. It's almost always ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

These evil people who put all these bad & deadly ingredients in our food & cosmetics clearly don't care about our well-being. I am becoming more & more convinced that it is both to help with population control--too many people are living too long & they need to put a stop to that by having a bunch of unhealthy people who ultimately won't live that long--as well as generating money--unhealthiness generates a ton of money in the process of population control.

I could go on & on, but I don't have anymore time to do so. Farewell for now....

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