Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY, Tuesday, December 21, 2010.

Outside my window… it's been cold & rainy for several days now, I LOOOOVE it!  

I am thinking… about Christmas coming up this weekend

I am thankful for… my family & good friends

From the learning rooms… still daily Bible study with Lil J--doing "Leading Little Ones to God", Proverbs, & the book of Luke this month.  He's still playing around with the keyboard too.

From the kitchen… I need to make some more zucchini bread--wow, I STILL need to do this!  but I also need to go grocery shopping tomorrow, then clean house Thursday, & make Friday a fun/relaxing day for me & Lil J

I am wearing… a blue henley with light blue cami under, jeans, socks

I am creating… I've been focusing on creating Christmas traditions, does that count?  I think it does.  I have been reading the Christmas story in Luke on my own for many years now.  Last year I read it to Joseph on Christmas morning & then I sang Happy Birthday to Jesus as well.  This year I added on reading the book of Luke this whole month.  There are 24 chapters in the book of Luke, so we read one each day starting on December 1st & finish up on Christmas eve.  Then on Christmas morning we go back & read the Christmas Story in Luke.  And I think I'm also going to have a bday cake for Jesus as well, at least a cupcake or something like that.  I LOVE traditions.  It didn't seem like we had very many as I growing up, I had always wished we had more, but those that we did have I loved.

I am going… to Babies R Us tomorrow to look for a bath tub mat & to look at sippy cups.  Lil J is much too big for his bath tub.  It said "newborn to toddler" on it, but his legs are too cramped at this point.  So I am planning to get a slip=proof mat to put down in the tub & just bathe him in the tub.  I also want to look at sippy cups.  I want to try once again to switch him to another brand, a brand that he can't break so easily.  He bites his nuby cups & breaks the no leak valve on them & we are spending way too much money on sippy cups because of this.  I tried once before to switch him, but the ones I got were really hard to get the drink out & he hated them & I gave up.

I am reading…  the 5 love language of your children book--haven't had time to read lately, so I'm still working on this one

I am hearing… my stepson eat lunch & watch TV

Around the house… my stepson is on Christmas break from school, a full 3 week break, feeding him adds to my already busy day with Lil J

A few of my favorite things…going for walks, sipping hot chocolate in front of a fire, reading a good book

A few plans for the rest of the week: Babies R Us & grocery shopping.  I'm going to try to get all the groceries tomorrow, but I have 4 grocery stops I need to make, it might have to get split into tomorrow & Thursday

I am praying… for our legal battles (we got rid of one but gained another), for our family, for my stepson going through the teen years, so tough, & for lots of friends & family members


Danielle-Marie said...

My kids' bathtub is newborn to toddler too...when they get older you're supposed to tilt it upwards and use it as a thing for them to lean on. I never used it for that purpose.

P.S. Thanks. I am now SERIOUSLY craving zucchini bread. After all the delicious food I've consumed in the last 3 days this shouldn't even be possible.

Frau Guten Tag said...

Oh, my tub didn't tilt at all. It did come with a sling that held him above the water for the early days before his umbilical cord fell off.

In the very beginning I had the tub on the sink counter using the sling. Later I tossed the sling, but kept it on the sink counter. Once he started moving enough that I was worried he might dump the tub off the counter I moved the little tub into our bathtub. And now he's just in our tub with a slip-proof mat.

Frau Guten Tag said...

LOL about the zucchini bread! I still haven't even made it yet, too much food & snacks everywhere for Christmas, I was worried it wouldn't get eaten & would go bad. But I do need to make it before the zucchini gets old, so this week I will make it for sure.