Thursday, October 25, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY:  Thursday, October 25, 2012

Outside my window...  It's been beautiful lately, today is currently in the low 60s but we are supposed to have a high of low 80s.  But overall it's been very tolerable & very beautiful & very "fall-ish"

I am thinking...  about the upcoming election & how & why so many people don't think for themselves & see how deceptive the world & govt, etc are these days......WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!

I am thankful...  for the discernment & wisdom that the Lord does allow me

In the kitchen...  made my homework cake for my class this Saturday, still need to frost it

I am wearing...  jeans that I LOVE & a grey v-neck top with a pale pink cami underneath

I am working on...  backing up & printing out photos......such a tremendous job, I've gotten sooooo behind on it all; also trying to get all saved emails out of my old account so I can delete that account once & for all

I am going...  to do my final cake decorating class this Saturday--I'm both excited  nervous

From the learning rooms.....  still doing daily Bible study & reading lessons with Lil J; I need to pull out that preschool book once again & see if he's interested now

I am reading...  Farmer Boy from the Little House on The Prairie series & my Bible

I am hoping... to be able to take the next cake decorating class soon

I am looking forward to...  Weddings & Birthdays & Thanksgiving in the month of's a busy busy month for us this year

I am learning.........  to be a better wife--focusing even more lately on intentionally blessing my husband in new ways

Around the house...  last week I was suffering horribly from an IC flare so only got the bare minimum cleaning done....this week I got the bare minimum done (laundry, sweep, vaccum, dust, bathrooms, kitchen) plus I mopped the tiles & cleaned the wood floors & cleaned all the windows (it's a lot of windows in my house!!) inside & out.  I'm hoping to shampoo the carpets next week.

I am pondering...  why some people have to be so intentionally hurtful everytime I let my guard down & why I can't just remember to keep my guard up in the first place

A favorite quote for today...  "true nobility isn't about being better than anyone else; it's about being better than you used to be"

One of my favorite things...  decorating cakes!  and I already know (& am sooo excited) about how I'm going to decorate the next one (after the one I'm doing in class)

A few plans for the rest of the week:  my park days today was cancelled, not much else this week, Lil J goes swimming on Saturday morning, there's a car show on Saturday too, & I have my cake class on Saturday as well.  Church on Sunday & I'm hoping to be able to go buy a couple more pairs of jeans this weekend too.  I was already super short on jeans, & then one of them wore out completely so now I'm trying to get enough to survive for a few more years. 

I am praying for: my stepkids, my mom, for restored relationships, for salvation for many &good health as well.  for healing from IC. for healing for my hubby's throat.

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