Tuesday, July 20, 2010

15 month updates

So little J is 15 months old today. Time is flying FAST is all I can say. I feel like before I know it he will be turning 2!!!

He now weighs 26.0 lbs (50-75%), is 31" tall (25-50%), & has a head circumference of 19.5" (>95%). Basically he gained one pound in the last month & his head circumference & height have stayed the same. The only percentile change is for his height, but I'm sure he'll catch another growth spurt at some point, I'm not worried about it.

Not much has changed, still eats 3-4 times a day, still eating basically the same foods & drinking the goat milk & goat kefir & diluted juice. I'm still putting veggies in his fruit juice & fruit & veggies in his kefir. He doesn't mind at all.

As far as the natural treatment for asthma, we have finished the 4 month supply of transfer factor. But I am still giving him beta glucan, vitamin D3, folic acid, & vitamin B12 daily. I REALLY love the beta glucan--neither me nor little J have been sick at all since we started taking that. I am pleased that he is such a healthy boy. I know good nutrition has a lot to do with it, but it's still not EVERYTHING in that aspect.

He has been slowly moving out of his size 18 month clothes, he's still in some of them, but some of them (like pjs & shirts) no longer fit. I haven't bought any winter clothes yet because I don't know what size he'll be when it gets cold. I'm just waiting. But we have plenty of pants in both 18 month & 24 month sizes, so we should at least have shirts (just short sleeved though) & pants & we have a couple of jackets. We can always get more when the weather finally changes & by then it may be on the clearance rack even. All the more reason to wait! I did recently buy him new socks because his were way too small now.

He now knows how to walk backwards & to run & to climb up on the couch (I taught him how to get down from the couch a while back because I knew the day was coming when he would learn to get up there & then he wouldn't know how to get down & he might fall & hurt himself). And he LOVES to play in water!

He is trying really hard to talk. He still says "Gizzy" (for our chihuahua named Gizmo). We often say "thank you Jesus" & he tries to repeat it. We can hear it when he repeats us, but I don't think it's clear enough yet for others to "really" hear it. But he's definitely working on it. I am sure there are other things he is trying to say, but I'm just not making them out yet. He has a lot of gestures that he uses now, which is VERY helpful. He appears to be very observant & a quick learner.

I do believe the so called "terrible twos" are upon us. It's a little early, but hopefully that means it will end earlier as well. He always has his own agenda & if someone causes any interruption of that he will arch his back & scream & kick. He also likes to shove you away if you're interrupting him. He has always had this incredible independent streak. Like when he was first learning to pull himself up to standing--he wouldn't let anyone help him up, he had to do it on his own. He will shove you away if you try to help. And it's a very rude attitudey shoving. He's like that with a lot of things. And he's still like that now, but we are now working on breaking him of it in some areas. For example, life would be much easier if he would walk around when we're out, but he refuses to hold onto our hands. So we are forcing him to learn to walk while holding one of our hands. He doesn't like it & screams & fights us, but we're still working on it. I'm sure at some point he will realize there is no other option & he will give in.

He is still full speed ahead with TONS of energy constantly. Although he is starting to take some time out here & there throughout the day to sit quietly & look at his books, which I really am pleased to see him doing. He knows how to hold them & how to flip the pages. And in the evening when he starts to get sleepy he is getting very cuddly, which I absolutely love.

I am so looking forward to being able to start teaching him things, like reading & math & Bible, etc. And I am also looking forward to being able to take him to the zoo & amusement parks, etc--I know I CAN right now, but for him to be old enough to REALLY enjoy it. But of course I do always focus on enjoying EVERY stage. I am actually enjoying this stage, even though some days are exhausting & hard with the terrible twos.

That's all the updates I have for now..........until next month.

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