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I have been tagged by Mama Dee!

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11 Random Things About Myself

1.) I am a major perfectionist, so very hard on myself, yet when I look at others I don't apply the same standards at all, I really should learn to just view myself the way I view others

2.) I never had any set dreams for my future when I was young, I just let God unfold my life as He wanted it to be.  I had a lot of friends when I was young who had these dreams of exactly how they wanted their life to be when they grew up, I wish I could track them all down & see how it all panned out.

3.) I NEVER imagined myself being a SAHM, in fact I never thought I would want to, but I never stopped to think about the child & what's best for the child, only what "I" wanted.  As a mom, I was surprised at how different things look when you stop to consider what's best for the child.  It's a tough job, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

4.) I want to be a great mom, in so many different aspects.  I pray for this daily.  I try hard to focus on what's most important & ignore the little nit picky stuff.

5.) I never had a strong urge to have a child.  I've known lots of women who make that their whole goal in life.  I never cared much either way & just left it up to God, BUT my life is definitely sooo much better now that I have my son

6.) As a kid we often travelled by motor home during the summer months & during other school breaks.  I've seen a lot of the western half of the USA this way & I am oh so grateful for having had that opportunity

7.) I am very OCD & have to have things neat & organized to be able to function. My house, my closet, etc.    

8.) I started working out when I was 19 & 20 years later am still going strong.  It's definitely a habit that I am glad I started.  I recommend it highly for EVERYONE.

9.) I try to eat healthy the majority of the time & allow myself to eat no so healthy some of the time without feeling guilty about it.  Although I must admit that my idea of eating not so healthy definitely don't line up with most people's idea of that, LOL

10.) My heart really aches for those affected by divorce: My parents divorced when I was a kid & my hubby's first wife divorced him.  I also look at the effects divorce has had on my stepkids.  I feel like I am surrounded by it all.  The effects of divorce are far reaching, it's a very selfish action in my opinion.  I would love to write a book or start a program or something that would attempt to stop couples on the brink of the divorce & restore their marriages.

11.) However, I must also say that I do not agree with the idea of "staying together for the kids" when the parents are not striving to repair their marriage, but simply living together unhappily for the "sake of the kids"--this is also REALLY bad for the kids

11 Questions Mama Dee made for me To Answer

1.) If you could choose one place to go to for an all expenses paid free vacation, where would that place be?
that's tough, there is so much travelling I dream of doing; I dream of going back to Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park (a place we went to often when I was a kid), I dream of flying to either Florida or Maine & renting a motor home & travelling the whole eastern coast of the USA (I've never been east of Wisconsin or Arkansas), I dream of visiting Canada, Europe (Spain, Italy, England), & more of Mexico (though with the violence increasing that'll probably not be happening).

2.) Do you want children/want more children?
I have 2 stepkids & my son.  Personally I think 3 kids is a lot, BUT given how spread out their ages are (24, 17, & 2)  I would definitely consider having maybe one more, but I chose to not mostly because of my health.  I am not so young anymore & my heart is weak due to a heart murmur.  It was a really hard pregnancy with my son & very high risk & at the end I was going into heart failure.  I know someone who was younger than myself with the same heart murmur that almost died during a pregnancy (had to do emergency c-section early & the mom spent 2 months in the ICU fighting for her life)--I don't see desiring a child worth risking my life--unless of course God insists & causes another miracle pregnancy.

3.) What's the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?
I'd have to discuss it with my hubby, but probably a house

4.) Political viewpoint?
I'm very conservative, none of the people running are ever conservative enough for me honestly

5.) Favourite food?
veggie pizza, nachos, tiramisu

6.) Favourite drink?
definitely water, yeah, I'm wild like that

7.) How did you meet your significant other?
at church--some day I will write down our love story (it's a long one, LOL) & will possibly post it as a blog

8.) What are your spiritual/religious beliefs?

9.) What do you want to be "when you grow up?"
Well, at the moment I'm a SAHM (which I never imagined in a million years), but I am also a nurse & I LOVE being a nurse; if I could afford it financially & time-wise I would love to be a doctor however

10.) What is your all time favourite movie?
Passion of the Christ; so many people tell me they have a hard time watching it, but I really believe everyone should want to watch it or be forced to watch it.  Those are not just events that happened, they happened for US, to pay for our sins, & I think it's really important to face that & be grateful for that

11.) iPhone or Blackberry?
most definitely iPhone, not only is it a great phone, but Apple's customer service is top-notch & that means a lot to me (& is becoming increasingly hard to find these days)

11 People I Tagged

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(It was TOUGH to come up with 11!)

My questions for the people I tagged:

1) what is your favorite memory of your life so far?

2) if you could travel anywhere (expenses non existant) where would you go?

3) do want children/more children?

4) what is your dream job?

5) what is your dream car/favorite car?

6) are you a morning person or night owl?

7) do you prefer indoors or outdoors?

8) are you an animal lover? what's your favorite animal/pet?

9) what religion are you?

10) anything in your past you wish you could change?

11) do you have a to-do list of things to do before you die?

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