Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Potty Training Continued, opinions wanted

So I had originally started potty training in mid-August of last year.  6 weeks later, at the end of September, I put Lil J in pull ups & put it on hold.  He remained potty trained with poo poo, but he did get lazy about peeing.  It seemed he wasn't ready to me.  I was going to just wait until he turned 3 to start trying once again.  But in mid-December the gals in the nursery at church asked why he was still in pull ups, stating that he wasn't having ANY accidents.  I really hadn't been paying attention, since I was just going to wait until April to resume potty training.  

That week I started in again & he was doing well.  The next couple of weeks he did well, and he had NO accidents at church & all was well.  A week ago at church he had one accident.  He had been especially thirsty that morning, & they had him outside on the buggy, so they probably didn't hear him if he said he needed to go potty, so I chalked it up to that & didn't worry about it.  They didn't seem bothered by it at all.  I have started noticing a trend in the evening, shortly before bedtime where he was having accidents, but aside from that he was doing well for me.  

Then this last weekend he had 2 accidents at church.  The gal in the  nursery starts going on & on, telling me it's not normal, I need to take him to the doctor.  She thinks he has diabetes or something else, but something has to be wrong with him.  She goes on & on (as hubby just walks out, he was going to lose his cool with her) & I finally just told her that I will just be sure to bring him there in pull ups from now on.  She was quite content with that response.  For some reason she is the only gal in the nursery who complains about him having accidents.  I have to wonder if she is the only one willing to say anything or if she is simply less tolerant than other gals in there?  Or is her approach with Lil J not working for J & making things worse?  (He is very sensitive & I have to keep all things potty related very positive & happy I've noticed).  She says she's raised 11 kids (between her own & foster kids), so she definitely has plenty of experience it would seem.  

I do also have to say that I'm a nurse & I do not believe my son has diabetes.  Yes, excessive urination is ONE symptom, but that doesn't mean he has diabetes.  At his age he would have to be overweight & eating a HORRIBLE diet in order to have type 2, which he isn't & doesn't.  And he certainly doesn't fit the profile of a type 1 diabetic.  

I'm sure the gal meant well, but if I wasn't a nurse that would really scare me, to be told that my son has diabetes & he's not normal.  

But, more importantly, he's not even 3 years old yet.  I know lots of kids that hadn't even started potty training yet at his age.  And if they had they certainly would've had some accidents.  

I still put him in a pull up at bedtime & some mornings he wakes up dry & some mornings he wakes up wet.  There are plenty of times when I am out running errands that he tells me he needs to go potty & I ask him to hold it (sometimes up to 15 or 20 minutes even) & he is able to hold it, he does have control like that.  But I also think it can't be abnormal for accidents at his age, right?  I would love to hear from others, please comment away.

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Danielle-Marie said...

I'm sorry, I had to laugh...he had a few accidents and she suggested he has diabetes or some other health concern? For goodness sakes, he's not even 3! Plenty of children are late potty trainers. Plenty of children take a while to get the hang of it. My son won't have anything to do with a potty. Since our boys share birthdays, I was a tad concerned and decided to ask my grandmother about my concerns. She is a mother of 10 (all biologically her and my grandfather's) so I tend to consider her a bit of a pro. She said that some of her kids weren't fully potty trained until they were closer to 5 years old, other were potty trained at 1 year and a half. Like everything else, they do it at their own pace and waiting until they are fully ready is key. Then she said this, "Danielle, I promise you he won't walk down the aisle in a diaper." I haven't really worried about it since. I wish I could offer you actual potty training advice but obviously I'm still pretty inexperienced in that department. If anything that will be something you can help me with. I have a friend whose little man is 3 and a half and they have been struggling to get him fully potty trained as well. Honestly, I think this is completely normal. As for me, I'll only begin to worry if Landon or Hannah aren't fully potty trained in time to begin kindergarten.