Tuesday, February 14, 2012

30 day challenge-day 2

Day two: talk about your piercings & tattoos, if you have any.

I have 2 piercings in each ear.  I did the first ones when I was 10.  I did the second ones when I was 14.  I considered getting a third set when I was 18, but thought it would be too much.  I don't have any tattoos.  When I was young (early 20s) I had wanted to get one.  But knowing that it was permanent it had to be something super special.  I can remember going to several tat shops with friends & never seeing anything I liked enough.  I remember my ex saying I was fake, that I didn't really want one, but it wasn't true at all.  I really did want one, but it had to be something great enough that I wouldn't regret it later on.  And now that I'm older I'm soooo grateful that I never got one, LOL.  I guess God worked it out for me.  :)

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Danielle-Marie said...

Good for you...you're smart for not getting a tattoo. Wish I could have mine removed.