Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My home gym part 1

A lot of people ask me what sort of equipment I have in my garage gym.  I don't have a lot.  I don't have a lot of space & don't want to have more than I actually need.  And I don't want to spend a lot of money on it, either. 

It is not a garage that has been converted into a gym either.  It is still a fully functional garage for my hubby.  You can see his tools & quads in the background, along with lots of other stuff.  Our house has very little storage space, so the majority of what we own that isn't in constant use gets stored in the garage.  We do our best to keep our garage neat & organized & clean, but it is still a garage.

I was not able to control the order the photos went into this blog, so I will just narrate each pic as it comes. 

Pic 1) Here you can see my stability ball & my step.  It's a 2 piece step.  In this pic I am displaying that it you can have a short or medium height step.  I don't do step aerobics, as it was mostly designed for.  But there are a lot of exercises that say to use a chair.  If it involves the seat of the chair I sub my step.  I mostly use my stability ball for pilates these days.  I don't use it much because it's always deflating.  And then when I want to use it I first have to air it up & get it to the right size/firmness.  It's such a pain that I rarely want to do it & I just skip using it altogether.  My very first stability ball I owned was a super cheap one, it wasn't even a well known brand.  And it NEVER leaked air.  A year or two later I came home to find it had popped & was fully deflated.  I assume just from age & being used so much.  Since that time I have bought several different brands (well known brands) & they all leak.  It's very irritating.  If anyone knows of a brand that DOESN'T leak, PLEASE let me know.  I used to enjoy using it so much, & now it just irritates me.

Pic 2) It won't let me type directly above this pic.  So I'll add the narration for that pic here.  Here you can see my barre, my BOSU, & dumb bells.  I do a lot of workouts that need a barre, instead of spending a fortune buying one my hubby made me this one.  The height is adjustable, just like the expensive ones you can buy.  I also use the barre in workouts that call for a chair, specifically when they call for holding onto the back of the chair rather than the seat of the chair.  I LOVE my BOSU.  When they first came out I knew I wanted one, but I kept waiting for the price to drop.  A couple of years later & the price had not dropped at all, I finally gave in & bought it.  And I am glad I did, since I use it so much & love it so much.  I do standing exercises on it, I do pilates on it, I do upper body work on it, I do ab work on it & you can flip it over with the dome side facing down & do more exercises like that as well.  I do some of those in pilates.  Just for those who don't know, BOSU stands for "both sides up", because both side are fully functional & offer tremendous challenge.  I also LOVE the fact that the BOSU never leaks air like the stability ball does.  As for dumb bells, I have 3, 5, 8, 10, 15, & 20 lb sets.  There is also a 25 lb set in this pic, but that is my step-sons.  I only used the 3 lbers after I had chest surgery years back.  I absolutely couldn't lift the 5 lbers, so I got the 3s & was able to work my way up from there.  But I never use them anymore.  I am currently not using my 20 lbers, but am using the 5, 8, 10, & 15s.  I hope to return to the 20s again soon.

Pic 3) This is a pic of my treadmill.  It's a space saver design, so this is the pic of it folded up closed, saving space.  Someone gave me this for free last summer.  I do enjoy using it, but I am glad I didn't buy one, I don't use it enough to have spent hundreds of dollars on it.  Cardio is just so boring to me. 

Pic 4) Again, it won't allow me to type directly above pic 4, so I will put that narration right here.  This is a pic of my step in the slanted position.  I like this position for doing lunges. 

Pic 5)  It also won't allow me to type directly above pic 5, so here goes.  This is a pic of my recently acquired decline bench.  I really love it & it's really helping me get my ab strength back.  Soon I will be adding on weights while I use it. 

Pic 6) Once again it's forcing me to type up here.  This is my spinner bike.  I don't use it a whole lot, but occasionally I use it for a few months before I'm burned out on it & need to move on to something else.  These bikes are several hundred dollars new.  I got this one on ebay several years ago for around $75.  A great deal & it was totally worth it.  I also use the bike in some of my post workout stretching, especially the handle bars.  The bike is so heavy & sturdy that I can hang my weight from it & it won't tip. 

Pic 7) This is my treadmill in the open position. 

Pic 8) This is my step in the high position.  This is the position I use it in most of the time.

There were a couple more pics, but they are gone for some reason.  Maybe there's a limit to how many pics you can post in a blog now??  I'll have to make this a 2 part blog I guess.

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