Friday, June 1, 2012

Workout change

Ok, so I'm still working out 5 days per week.  But I am going to make a change & drop my pilates workouts.  Now I know I just recently got 3 new pilates workouts, but for now I'm going to drop them from my rotation. 

I will continue working out 5 days per week.  And I will continue doing one day (usually Wednesday) of traditional weight lifting/strength training.  But the other 4 days will now be the workouts that I don't know what to call.  The Suzanne Bowen/Leah Sarago workouts.  On the days I've been doing pilates I just don't feel as good as the other days, so I think this will be a positive change for me. 

I did Warrior by Suzanne & Leah this morning.  Wow!  What a tough workout & what a rush! 

Next week's tentative line up is this:

Monday-Ruah Warrior
Tuesday-Ballet Body Core
Wednesday-Cindy Crawford New Dimension
Thursday-Ballet Body Lower Body
Friday-Ruah Release

That's all for now.  [I doubt that anyone is interested in this info, but at least I can refer back to here if I need/want to know when I made this change in the future.  Sorry if I bored anyone.  :)]

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