Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Reading Plans, continued

So in my last blog post I was debating on how to plan for reading.  I do like the plan I explained there BUT I have to admit that Lil J is now moving very rapidly through his reading lessons.  I do think he might very well finish the book earlier than I am anticipating. 

I started the reading lessons when he turned 3 & he was half way through the book at his 4th birthday.  So I've been anticipating that he would finish it up around his 5th birthday.

But even if this does pan out I don't want to just finish the book in April & then do no reading at all until August when school starts up again.  And if he finishes the book prior to April it would be an even longer gap of no reading.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping, one of my stops was Costco.  Lil J always enjoys going to Costco because they have books there.  He always asks me if he can look at books.  And I always tell him when we're done buying food we can go look at books.  Sometimes they have a book he wants & sometimes they don't.  But he always enjoys looking & I love that he enjoys books so much.

Anyways, this time of year at Costco they have a lot of educational books.  I have seen the reading lesson book sets before, but had never looked at them.  I decided that these were very affordable & could easily fill the gap between him finishing the lesson book & the school year starting up.  I ended up getting all 3 sets of Bob books reading lesson books.  Each set has 16 books in it.  They did have some sets that were to be used prior to the #1 set, with flashcards, etc. but I feel that his current reading lessons more than cover the material contained in those.  (in looking online to provide a link as an example I am glad to see that I paid considerably less at Costco)

So whenever he finishes off the reading lesson book I will pull out the first set of these reading lesson books & get started.  And then I'll see how he does & how quickly he goes through them (the early ones are probably too easy for him & I expect that he should fly right through them).  And from there on I hope to continue with the plan I already laid out in the last blog, but I suppose it's possible that he could use these Bob Books through K & maybe also 1st grade also if he goes through them more slowly.  The books are short enough that they can easily be read in one sitting.  And if he's really excited to be reading actual books he may want to read more than 1 in a sitting. 

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