Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Homeschool Preschool Update

We are still plugging along in Heart of Dakota's Little Hands to Heaven.  Next week will be our final week of it.  Then we will be taking a week off from school & then starting up with the "summer school" stuff I have planned out.

I have a school memory book (sort of like a "baby book" but for preschool thru 12th grade).  Once we're done I will finish off the preschool portion of it.

A couple of weeks into summer school I will order the caterpillars for raising into butterflies.

"Summer School" will be very different from preschool.  I haven't planned in any 'book work' for Lil J, just lots of reading aloud & discussing, observing, & hands on activities.  So I'm sure he will be resistant to the change of pace at first (he always is), but hopefully he'll be able to enjoy it.  And hopefully he will transition back into K easily come August.

I do think it will be a nice break & change of pace for both of us, so we don't feel "burned out" on school.

That is all for now.........

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