Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My FAVORITE time of year

So I've always LOVED the month of September, for as long as I can remember. It's just my most favorite time of the year. My next fave would be Thanksgiving & Christmas I guess.

For a lot of years I used to assume that it was my favorite time because it was when my birthday was & it was when the new school-year was starting up. In elementary school this was always an exciting thing for me. But even as I got older & had that 'I hate school mentality' I still LOVED the month of September. Many years ago I was analyzing what it was that I loved so much about this month & I realized that yeah, I get excited when my birthday comes around (even now that I'm getting older I have to admit) but school years no longer start for me...........thank God! But I realized it's really the weather. September marks the beginning of the fall season for me. I LOVE the fall, it's somehow sooooo romantic to me. The air is different, crisper somehow, it makes me want to go for walks holding my honey's hand & curl up in front of a fireplace with my honey. I just LOVE spending time outdoors in the fall.

Now I grew up in Covina & it's closer to the mountains than I am currently, so I think the air is actually even crisper in Covina. And I worked in Glendora for a lot of years & the air was totally amazing there, right up against the mountains. I do miss Glendora a lot mostly because of that. But one thing I do love where I live now is the breeze. Almost every day we get this amazing breeze that blows through here.

Anyways, today was the first day I noticed a change in the air here. The breeze is blowing strong today & it's just crisper somehow, makes me want to spend more time outdoors, makes me want to breathe in deeply, makes me feel oh so amazing. And I can't wait for hubby to get home tonight. We're actually going to Babies R Us to look at what we picked for our baby registry in person (rather than just online), but I'm still excited about it & it still feels romantic cuz of the weather & all.

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