Sunday, September 28, 2008

updates on baby, guitar, & garden

Just wanted to post a quick blog entry with a little variety of updates on goings on in Casa Buendia.

Baby: I did some surfing online regarding kumquats--it is a fruit, related to an orange, it is roughly the size of a large green olive, so I bought a jar of large green olives (I do love olives) & that's what's on hubby's pillow this week. He's not crazy about olives & was complaining of the smell (it is saran wrapped of course), LOL!! In my surfing I was amused to find that a lot of people were asking about the size of kumquats in relation to the same thing I was--that they were pregnant & read that their baby was now the size of a kumquat--I just thought that was funny!

Guitar: I bought my current guitar in October of last year, almost a year ago. I barely scraped up enough $$ to buy it & was never able to pull together enough $$ to buy a case for it. It's the first guitar I've owned that has a solid wood (spruce) top. I couldn't afford a whole body in solid wood, but was able to at least manage a solid wood top. It's a Fender & after buying it I've been kinda looked down on by a lot of guitarists cuz apparently Fender doesn't have a good reputation for acoustics.........I don't know, I like the way it looks, I like the way it sounds, it seems like a very nice quality instrument to me. I really couldn't justify spending a ton of money on a guitar when I only play at home for my own personal enjoyment (well, & hubby's enjoyment too). However, I recently signed up to volunteer in the children's ministry at church (though I haven't started yet, I asked to delay it cuz right when it was gonna start I found out I was pregnant & the morning sickness was really a problem & still is quite often, hopefully soon I'll be able to start). I had a lot of choices to choose from regarding what I wanted to do. I left it all blank & wrote on there that I was wide open, wherever they had a need, but that I do sing & play guitar & they placed me in the area called 'rock the world'. This is where they do skits, puppet shows, singing, music, etc for the children. They said they might be interested in me playing guitar. So I had told hubby I was gonna need a case so I could safely transport the guitar back & forth to church (not to mention I just like having one to keep it clean & be able to transport anywhere I might possibly desire--one of the big appeals of guitars to me is how portable they are). So then guitar center in Brea sent me a letter in the mail with a $25 gift card for this weekend only. They said they were having a big sale, etc. No strings attached, no minimum purchase amount required, etc. I begged hubby to go with me cuz I never feel comfortable going there by myself (there are NEVER any females in there!!!). I told him since it was free money I didn't want to pass it up, I could always use some strings. So we went & I'm looking at strings, books, etc & he's over looking at the cases. He ends surprising me & getting me a case!! He even got them to take 10% off (they did NOT want to compromise on the marked price at all) & still got $25 off. I am so excited!!!

Garden: So yesterday I was outside examing the garden. I can see there are tons of baby cucumbers on their way. I also see baby jalapenos on their way. I noticed the roma tomato plants weren't looking too good. So as I'm standing there admiring the garden I suddenly notice I sense movement--A LOT of movement--in one of the roma tomato plants. I take another glance & realize there's a HUGE green tomato worm totally going at the plant. He's SO actively enjoying himself that the whole thing is swaying all over the place. I was sooooo furious. I knew I had to catch him before he devoured the rest of that plant (he got most of it) & the one next to it. And I wanted hubby to see this, I knew he would be as blown away as I was. So I went inside & got an empty jar & cut the branch he was on & let it fall into the jar. I kept it long enough to let hubby & the kids see it. The kids thought it was cute & wanted to let it go. No where near this yard I insisted & they lost interest. I ended up tossing the whole jar (closed) in the trash can. I always wonder how bugs find their's not like everyone around here has tomato did it make it's way here to my tomato plants?? Just like those little crunchy bugs that like to get in flour--how do they find their way into people's homes into their flour bins?? Things that make you go hmmm.........

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