Saturday, February 28, 2009

33 weeks

So today I am 33 weeks--7 weeks to go! It feels good to know that I am so near the end, although there's a million things to worry about in regards to that also (house repairs not complete, still need tons of stuff for the baby, the whole delivery thing, etc).

Turning in bed is still quite a chore, getting out of bed is work, & getting up off the couch is getting harder & harder. I still get very short of breath with any exertion.

Not a whole lot else to report--I've been getting into positions that are supposed to encourage the baby to head south (& not remain breech). So far the only results I see is that the baby is way more active than usual. It's been moving all over the place, laying sideways sometimes (both directions) & then back to breech. I will continue to try the positions though, it can't hurt & it just might help, you never know.

As far as the size of the baby--my email for the 33rd week will come much later today so I don't really know yet. But I would definitely bet that it's well over 4 lbs by now.

I am still resting a lot--as much as I can. I had to go grocery shopping this morning. I limit myself to 2 stores at a time max (went to whole foods & costco today) & after I get it all put away I get my feet up & rest.

A week ago yesterday my stepson came home early from school because he was sick. And he was REALLY sick. On Sunday I had picked up a slight cough from him. On Monday hubby was super sick. We all ended up really sick, but while hubby & stepson had REALLY bad fevers & chills I never got a fever. I was coughing, had tons of phlegm, was very achey & did not feel well, but never once had a fever. Just like in December when I got the flu but never had a fever, once again the Lord was protecting this baby.

I think that's all the updates I have for now--sorry it's a boring week!

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