Monday, February 23, 2009

My OB appointment today

So I went to see my OB doc today. Hubby went with me, even though he's sick as a dog right now. He is such a trooper, I owe him big-time! He was sitting there with fever & chills the whole time. And she's usually very prompt, never late, but today of all days we had to wait a little bit.

So she listened to the baby's heart with the doppler like always. We brought up my work issue & at first she didn't answer, just brushed us off & talked about the ultrasound, heart rate, etc. I asked her if the baby remains breech if it's an automatic C-section & she said yes, it is. She said we will have to have more ultrasounds near the end of pregnancy to determine if it's turned or not.

At the very end she told me to ask them at the desk for the disability forms. She said she would take me off work until after the baby is born. After the actual delivery I get 6 weeks for vaginal delivery & 8 weeks for C-section. Plus I want to take to take my 6 week bonding time after my medical leave. I still have to figure out how to arrange the bonding time. And hubby is entitled to bonding time as well. There is no one to do his job while he's off, so taking a straight 6 weeks would be totally out of the question for him, BUT you can split it up & you have the whole first year of the baby's life to take it in. I told him he could take a week off every other month for the first year of the baby's life. He doesn't think he could take that much time off, but he is planning to take at least some. He said he's probably gonna take a few days off when the baby makes it's arrival for sure, & then we'll see how things go from there.

So I must say that is a HUGE load of stress off of me--to not have to worry about getting through another day of work.

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