Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weight Revisited (& health in general)

So I followed Suzanne Somers diet for close to 2 weeks.  Then I got sick.  I was nauseated & had a bad headache & was very dizzy for a little over a week.  When I'm nauseated all I can stomach is carbs.  So of course I fell off my diet.

But I have to admit I was not enjoying this diet at all.  I wasn't feeling good, not in a healthy detoxing my body sort of way, but in a heavy, eating too much protein sort of way.  It was also a little too expensive to keep up right now.  Our finances are tight & I've been working hard to stretch the expensive food items like meat--lots of stir fries, pasta dishes, etc to stretch our budget right now.

So I did some thinking about my weight, my health, & food in general.  I know that technically I am not overweight, yet I still like the way I feel & look when I'm a few pounds lighter than I currently am.  I struggle back & forth with this all the time.

And for several years now I have been studying the food system in our country & it is oh so disgusting.  We buy a lot of organic & try to eat as healthy as we can.  But I just keep on learning more & more awful things.  I was a vegetarian for 10 years at one point in my life (from age 15-25).  I ended up stopping just because I didn't like having to be so legalistic about it once you label yourself a "vegetarian".  Like if I was eating out & wanted soup I couldn't order soup with a meat broth, that sort of thing.  So at the age of 25 I decided to just eat whatever I really "wanted" to eat.  And of course I ended up going along with the mainstream eventually & eating meat on a daily basis.

Now there are some meat items that I do enjoy, like roast beef, turkey sandwiches, & a few others.  But for the past couple of days I have stopped eating meat & am doing fine.  Of course it's a little more challenging when I'm cooking for a family of devout meat eaters, but I am confident that I can make it work.  Eating out was never a problem for me in the past when I was a vegetarian, so I'm not even worried about that at all.  Of course I will still allow myself dairy & eggs & fish on occasion, especially when eating out.

This should also help to cut down on our grocery budget as meat is our biggest expense & now I won't be eating any.  So that's also a plus.

So for now I'm putting any dieting plans on hold & just trying to get back into the vegetarian swing of things & I'll see where my weight ends up & then later on decide if I still want/need to lose a few pounds.

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