Monday, November 7, 2011

The disappearance of sin

The whole idea of sin has virtually disappeared from our culture.

The concept of "sin" has been accommodated to fit secular sensibilities.

Strong Biblical words for sin have been excised from our vocabulary. People no longer commit adultery; instead they have an affair. Corporate executives do not steal; they commit fraud.

We often indulge in what the author calls "respectable" or even "acceptable" sins without any sense of sin. We often gossip, harbor hurts, are selfish, have a critical spirit, are impatient, & even angry. God has not given us authority to establish values for different sins.

It is not just the breaking of a single command; it is a complete disregard for the law of God.

Of course there are many godly, humble people who are exceptions. But there is a vast multitude who are quite judgmental toward the grosser sins of society but who seem pridedully unaware of their own personal sins. A lot of us live somewhere in between.

But God has not forsaken us. For those who are true believers, God is still our heavenly Father, & He is at work among us to call us to repentence & renewal.

These are excerpts from "Respectable Sins" by Jerry Bridges


Unknown said...

Great post! Very thought provoking! I'm going to have to pick up Respectable Sins.

Calfkeeper said...

This is excellent. I have been trying to get across to the teens I teach on Wed nights that there is no value chart for sins; sin is sin. Especially when it comes to how we treat different people.

A sexual sin isn't worse than lying, gossiping or stealing. But there are many Christians who act as though it is.

I ought to get this book as well, it is very thought provoking!

Frau Guten Tag said...

Calfkeeper: I hear ya about trying to teach that sin is sin. Yet at the same time I can remember people trying to teach me that & I still couldnt see it. Its been a gradual realization for me Id say. Is there anyway you can incorporate this book into your Wednesday night teachings? I really think it might help. Even though before starting this study I was aware that all sin is equal I still feel like my eyes are being opened even more through this study.