Friday, February 17, 2012

30 day challenge-day 5

Day 5: tell us your three favorite colors

Blue, Grey, & Aqua I guess.  My hummer is a blue-grey color.  I love it, though I do wish it had a tad more silver to it, a bit more grey than blue.  I love to pair aqua with brown, but also with black.  My first car was a metallic blue.  My second car was silver.  I liked that color a lot, although I also love a dark charcoal color even more.  My third car was green-a deep dark green.  I wasn't crazy about the color, but it was different & I didn't really like the options they had so I went with it.  My fourth car was white.  I'm not crazy about white on a car, but I do think white (& yellow) look good with dark tinted windows & I did tint the windows.  And my hummer is my 5th car.  I don't know what else to say about colors..........

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