Monday, August 12, 2013

The Bulletin Board

For a long time I had wanted to put a bulletin board up in my son's bedroom. 

He's always coming home with papers from church that I would prefer to post on a bulletin board than to just have floating around the house, which is what we always had.  I always had the idea that it would also make him feel good about what he had done to see it posted like that.

Finally, one week prior to beginning preschool, we got a bulletin board & hubby hung it in Lil J's room.  I also had a  couple of other things I wanted to put on it--a pretty image of Ephesians 6:1-3 that I found on the internet, a nice image of the 10 commandments for kids, & a calendar.  A calendar was another big reason I wanted to have a bulletin board in his room.  I can recall as a kid feeling like I didn't know what day of the week it was, or sometimes even what month it was.  I know my son is too young now to comprehend the concept of "time", but wanted to post a calendar & little by little start explaining to him what month we're in & day of the month it is & also what day of the week it is.

So I now keep the top row of the bulletin board for school papers.  I rotate them through & when there's no more room I am, for now, storing them in a folder.  I also have a school memory book & at the end of the year I'll decide which ones to keep in the memory book.  The bottom row is the latest paper from church, his latest painting, & then the calendar, 10 commandments, & Eph 6: 1-3.  Oh yeah, I also stumbled across a thing online that I printed out, where he writes his name each month.  The idea is that it should improve over the months.  I just thought it was a cool thing so I printed it out & have it there also (although in the photo I took of the bulletin board to post here it's missing, still working on the August name writing).  At age 4 I don't know if it will actually improve much over the months, but it just might.  And it just seemed like a fun thing to do. 

Lil J hadn't really said much about his bulletin board.  I've explained the calendar a few times, but of course he doesn't fully understand it yet.  A lot of times in the evening hubby & I go in Lil J's room to pray with him & tuck him in bed for the night & I'll show hubby what we did in school that day.  I suppose Lil J notices this, but he hasn't said anything about it.  This morning I was in his bedroom, gathering laundry, & he excitedly pointed to the bulletin board & said "Mom, this week we're gonna put B!!  And the number 2!!"  I was happy to see him excited about it but also amazed at how well he comprehended what was going on.  That is, in fact, exactly what we're doing.  He comprehended what was going on with school as well as the bulletin board.  He comprehends far more than I realize it seems.

Just a quick post out of my excitement, that's all for now.  

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