Saturday, August 10, 2013

Update on Unit 1

So it's Saturday. But unlike most Saturdays, my hubby has to work today. He always works lots of hours but Saturdays are rare & Sundays are never, thank God. It's also the first Saturday after a super exciting first week of preschool. Combine that together & I have a kid BEGGING to do school. 

I know that we CAN move on to Unit 2, but I prefer to leave it until Monday. 

So we started off with the finger play-he was REALLY begging for that. And then I did our old Bible study, Leading Little Ones To God. And we did reading & Spanish. For a fun activity I chose to redo Monday's paint activity that didn't turn out properly. I am pleased to say it turned out great this time. Just needed to dilute the tempura paint MORE. 

And then he painted with water colors, the first time he painted anything specific to my knowledge-"a ship in the water" he says. 

And then he asked to draw on the dry erase board. 

And now he's outside having fun. 

Life is good. :) that's all for now, God Bless

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