Monday, August 25, 2008

Dr. appointment 1

So I had my first dr. appt for the pregnancy today.

I never actually saw the doc though, just the nurse practictioner (NP). She couldn't answer a single question I had, she just kept telling me that she was new to the field of OB/gyn.........not comforting at all I must say...........

They didn't do much, just dipped my urine for protein & glucose (negative for both). Took blood pressure & weight. Took down my whole medical history. And sent me for blood work.

I have to admit I didn't care for the feel of the office overall. They were very rushed, a little argumentative (I said I wanted to deliver at Riverside & NOT Corona & they kept insisting my insurance was Corona & it's definitely not, it's Riverside, but they didn't believe me & they ended up just giving up & telling me we would deal with the issue later; I asked for copies of tons of papers I signed saying I was informed of 'such & such' & they were really bothered by that & said they would have it for me at my next visit--there was A LOT of good info in those papers & if I'm saying I was informed I'd like copies cuz I'm certainly not gonna remember all that after speed reading it once in a noisy waiting room). And just the overall feel of the other patients there wasn't very good, kinda ghetto, not trying to be rude, but it really was. And I think I was the only person speaking English in there...... But of course we're stuck with an HMO insurance right now, so there were only TWO docs I could choose from & the other one I know & don't like, so I was kinda stuck with this one.

Anyways, not much was done really. Based on my LMP my estimated due date is April 22nd. BUT my periods are soooo irregular that I don't really think that's very accurate & I told them that several times. They said on the next visit they would do an ultrasound & be able to determine the baby's age better then.

And then I had a lot of blood work done & urine work too. But of course I won't get any of those results until my next visit.

They did, however, place me as a 'high risk' patient based on my age, heart problem, & gyn history. I asked about working out & they said no weight lifting (I figured, but since I love it I had to ask) but I got the green light on biking, walking, & pilates. They even said running is ok, but I kinda don't agree with that one & I'm not a big runner anyways, so I'm not gonna be doing that!

I think that's it............not much went on really. I'll be posting an update in 3 weeks at my next visit...............

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