Sunday, November 23, 2008

19 weeks yesterday (& fire updates)

So yesterday I was 19 weeks. It was a very busy day for us so I didn't get a chance to post this blog.

I have now felt the baby move about 3 times. The first was the night of the fire, while I was laying in the bed at the hotel unable to sleep. I was laying there so still (trying to not wake the kids) & realized there was a very small movement going on that was not ME moving. I put my hand to my tummy & yes indeed could feel it, ever so softly, but I could feel it. The next time I felt it was last Monday, I slept in late that morning (well, late for ME, LOL, I was up around 8) & while I was laying in bed half awake/half asleep I felt it again. This morning on the way to church I felt it once again, a little bit stronger this time, but still a very soft movement.

I haven't had time to look to see what it is the size of this week, the last one I saw was a mango though.

I did not work out at all this week due to the air quality here. I will probably resume my workouts this week, but will probably move them indoors (because our garage, where I normally workout, wreaks of smoke). I will have to skip the bike (as it weighs a ton & I can't possibly drag it into the house) & just do pilates & yoga for this week.

There's really not much else going on pregnancy-wise. I see my regular OB doc this week on Tuesday.

As for the fire: it feels like a ghost town here. When we open our front door we can see no neighbors in site, only empty burned houses. Hubby & I have both been feeling the effects of the smoke now. Hubby has a sore throat from it. I have a sore throat, but also have been very short of breath & my lungs hurt when I take in a deep breath & I've been coughing off & on too.

At night when the dew covers the canyon the smell gets much worse. Hopefully this will lessen over time, but we are told it will take a long time.

There are workers here a lot working on a few of the houses. I am a little bothered by how carelessly they handle insulation (which has fiberglass in it) & things like that. I mean, yeah, they wear their masks & protect themselves, but they are just tossing it all over the place & placing it in an open dumpster (so the breeze can carry the particles all over).

I am still collecting my brother in law's mail each day & I check his house thoroughly each day to make sure no one has broken in. It does look like someone had tried to break in (& one house in our area was looted just after the fire) so yesterday morning hubby & I went & did a little more boarding up & securing over there. We are anxiously waiting for his insurance to send people in to retrieve & salvage whatever is salvagable.

I think that's all the updates we have here for now. We have a repair guy & our insurance guy coming today to inspect our house.

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