Sunday, November 30, 2008

20 weeks, Casa Buendia, & fire situation updates...

So today I am finally 20 weeks, I have at last hit the half-way mark!!

I now feel the baby move a few times per day, but it's still pretty small movements.

This week it's the length of a banana.

I'm feeling less nausea, though I must admit I have some tonight. When I do get it it's always at night. If I eat pasta with tomato sauce I now get heartburn (which I've never had in my life). And when I sleep I now prop my belly on a pillow. It's kind of a pain in the butt though, cuz I have to turn from side to side several times each night & now I have to drag the pillow with me each time & repositon with it.

I did do some workouts this week, but not as much as I would have liked. No spinning took place for a couple of reasons (air quality as well as garage issues).

As far as Casa Buendia, the nightmares here continue. So we recently discovered we had a slab leak--on Wednesday of this week it appears to have busted into the garage (right next to our bedroom, the side of the room where we felt the heat) & the garage has been flooded ever since. It's not as wet out there now as it was, but it smells horrible now (I would actually rather have the smoke odor back!). Ho hum, we're gonna ask the fire restoration guy coming tomorrow about this too.

As for the fire situation---our insurance adjuster showed up last weekend & was actually extremely reasonable (though he did try to cut 'some' corners) compared to stories we've heard from other neighbors. We had a company come to remove the smoke odor, but I started getting creeped out by the guy & they started getting kinda carried away (at least it seemed so to us) with what needed to be done & they were telling us if we could get them signed up with some of our neighbors he'd do our house for free, & he kept talking really bad about all the other companies, so we ended up firing them. The day before it rained (I think it was Monday?) my neighbors across the street were telling me how happy they were with the guy doing work on their house. They said they had hired one company in the very beginning, but weren't happy with them & ended up firing them very soon after hiring. Later that day my neighbor came over again to tell me that the next day his workers were going to tarp his house to protect it from the rain. He said his guy was really concerned about Victor's house & had offered to tarp it for him. I talked to hubby & we talked with Victor & he agreed, so we called the guy & told him. This guy likes to talk A LOT (& he tells you he does as he's talking to you, which is kinda funny), but aside from that he seems like a really nice guy, very genuine. The next day he came to my door & showed me what they were doing to my neighbor's (the Hicks) house (apparently they have to build a frame first to be able to put a tarp) & he said they would do the same to Victor's house after they finished the Hicks' house. He promised me they wouldn't stop no matter what--dark, rain, etc. And they didn't, they got started kinda late (it took a long time to do the Hicks house) & they kept on working well into the darkness with no lighting at all. It was making me very nervous that the workers were going to hurt themselves walking around the top of the walls on the little edges with no roof or anything around them in the dark. It did rain that night, so we got it tarped just in time, praise God!! The next day they came back & didn't even work on the Hicks' house, they spent their whole day on Victor's house, removing unsafe hanging beams & stuff like that & hauling out a small portion of the debris. They also redid the framing & tarping (I guess they had done a quickie job due to running out of time the day before). I was getting worried that they might be doing stuff Victor didn't want done or hadn't approved, but then Victor called me & let me know what was going on. Again that day they worked into the darkness. I later called the guy from the company to arrange a meeting with him to discuss our smoke damage situation. He will be here tomorrow afternoon. Like I said before--he really likes to talk--& he was telling me how much he works & how much time he spends here now & how he was even going to be here on Thanksgiving morning with the architect looking at the Hicks' house. I saw him come with the architect that morning & they looked at both the Hicks' house & Victor's house together. Later we stopped by the Hicks' family (Adam's sister & brother in law) that lives at the end of our cul-de-sac (the Hicks were spending Thanksgiving there) & Adam was telling me that he saw his guy here even today. I told him he was meeting with the architect & he was laughing saying that I knew more about what was going on with his house than he did. But he again thanked me for keeping an eye on his house & helping out so much after the fires (I think I ended up helping the Hicks & Victor more than anyone else, though I was willing to help anyone who needed it). The Hicks shared A LOT of valuable info with me the day he told me his guy offered to tarp Victor's house. Just the way things are going with them & how it's all working out. These are the sort of things we feel like we need help with for Victor, especially since his insurance is really dragging their feet. They also shared that they applied for city & state assistance in addition to the federal assistance (FEMA) & that Victor should do the same (to help out wherever the insurance is lacking). They also just shared a lot of basic stuff that was really helpful. And we passed it all on to Victor of course. We are learning a lot through all of this.

I guess that about covers it for the updates for now. I will hopefully get a 20 week photo taken some time this week & get it posted on here.

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