Friday, December 26, 2008

24 weeks tomorrow & Casa Buendia updates...

So tomorrow I will be 24 weeks--that's right, 6 months!! 4 more weeks & I'll be entering my final trimester. Not a whole lot to report pregnancy-wise. The baby is definitely growing by leaps & bounds--I hope to get a new pic up soon.

I did not get to workout at all this week again because of all the chaos here at Casa Buendia. And I got really sick on the 23rd & 24th which really sucked.

As for the Casa Buendia nightmare: I think in my last blog I shared that we had no heater & we thought that was bad, but then we ended up also having no insulation & that was even worse. Well they took it a step further. To do the repiping of the plumbing through the attic they had to cut open a lot of walls in here to access the plumbing. Most of those was not a big deal, except the wall in the master bedroom that was against the garage--that was very cold. But then of course they couldn't just leave it at that, they also had to cut open the wall in our master bathroom, the one facing outside. And on the outside they removed the wood panels on the exterior of the house. So we were totally exposed to the outside. Of course they put up some sort of construction paper type material for privacy, but it didn't do anything to keep the cold out. We might as well have been living in tents outside!

So on the days the workers are here we have to be out of the house. Vincent is pretty bummed about this cuz he's on his Christmas break from school & wanted to spend it with us & he can't. It really doesn't affect hubby & Karla cuz they work every day, but since I don't work 5 days a week it does affect me. And it really sucks cuz I'm pregnant & I want nothing more than to relax with my feet up all nice & comfy on my days off (especially when I work 13 hour shifts & am on my feet for the majority of those shifts). So the workers were coming on the 23rd & it was my day off--I had nowhere to go except for a doc appointment at 2pm. So I headed to the mall & wandered around (& ended up buying some maternity clothes that I need badly--I hit the clearance racks & got 2 pairs of pants & 3 sweaters). At some point I wasn't feeling too well & thought I probably needed to get some lunch. As I was trying to find parking so I could eat (which was not easy to do on the 23rd) I knew I was feeling worse. I will spare you all the details, but I did end up throwing up in a parking lot. I then headed to the restroom of the nearest fast food joint where I parked & nearly passed out on the floor in there. I was really close to calling 911. The biggest reason I didn't was cuz I know they'll give me meds & I don't want any while I'm pregnant.

So I had asked hubby to not have the workers come on the 24th. It was Christmas eve & I desperately needed to get laundry done & I needed to rest. I had asked him this before I got sick. So he calls me while I'm out & starts telling me that they won't be done with the piping on the 23rd so they're coming on the 24th. I BEGGED him to change the arrangement, but he wouldn't budge.

I headed home around 5 pm only to find the workers were still at my house. So I went up the street & parked & fell asleep until around 6:30 & then headed home. On the morning of the 24th I was sooooo exhausted & still not feeling well. I told hubby I HAD to get some sleep (on top of being sick I had stayed up til 3:30 in the morning to get the laundry done--and we had to be out by 8am for the workers). So I ended up spending my Christmas eve in a parking lot sleeping in the back seat of my Hummer all day. They had promised hubby they would be out around 3pm, but it wasn't true, I came home around 4pm & they were still here so I again parked up the street & slept until 5:30 or so & by then they were gone. At least the repiping was done & the heater was able to be used (never mind that we still don't have all our insulation & we have big gaping holes in our walls). But the water STINKS (like burned copper, from the new pipes).

So the workers did not come on the 25th, thank God. I got to sleep in & I actually felt a little better. I was able to go to work today (the 26th), but am still sooooo very tired. And I have to work tomorrow too. Hubby says the workers will not be here on Sunday.

Today they started removing the acoustic ceilings. They did the master bedroom & Karla's bedroom. They said it will take 2 more days to complete the acoustic ceiling removal in the house. We still have holes in our walls too, not sure when that will be finished. After they finish the acoustic ceiling removal they are going to take a break waiting for the insurance to catch up--& the insurance won't be here until Jan 5th.

We spent much of Christmas packing up all our stuff, everything that is sitting out had to be boxed. We have a portable storage unit in front of our house & they put all the boxes & much of the furniture in there today. I am quite irritated because I come home to find nowhere to sit, all chairs, stools, & couches are gone. I guess I should be grateful that we have our bed at least. But what really has me pissed is that they put our house plants outside--the biggest one is sitting outside the back door & the others they put in the portable storage unit. I'm sorry, but these are PLANTS, not furniture. They require LIGHT & they are HOUSE plants, they can't be outside in the winter time. One of them has great sentimental value to hubby, so he is irritated as well, but I think I'm actually more irritated than he is right now.

I think that's all the updates I have for now.........

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