Thursday, January 1, 2009

Casa Buendia plumbing photos

I finally got around to uploading photos from our camera to our computer & am now able to share them all honesty I had completely forgotten they were on the camera & we haven't used the camera much lately.

So here are pics of all the holes they cut in our walls to repipe all the plumbing. There were more holes than this, I missed a few, got these pics just before they patched it all up & ran out of time to get the rest of the pics.

This was in our kitchen, they have the cutouts at least stuck in the place they cut, as you can see. And there were more cuts under the sink in the cabinet too.

This is Karla's closet--the poor girl lost complete use of her closet for a week or so while they were doing all of this. She had most of her clothes piled on her bed & had to sleep on the couch in the living room during this time.

This was in the master bedroom--these pics go straight into the garage, with only a very thin sheet in between for privacy--it made for a very cold bedroom.

This is still the master bedroom--part of this goes to the garage & the rest goes to the attic--which had no insulation at this time.

And this is the master bathroom--these cuts go to the straight outdoors--this was EXTREMELY cold--we could've hung meat in our bathroom, seriously.

That's all the pics I was able to's all patched by now, made for a very cold winter though, especially with no heater & no insulation on top of it all.

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