Saturday, January 17, 2009

27 weeks

Ok, so today I am 27 weeks. One more week & I will be in my final trimester. The baby moves more & more all the time. And I swear it's getting bigger on a DAILY basis. I still enjoy feeling it move around.

I kept up with my workouts this week, except today I was going to spin & do pilates & I ended up skipping it cuz I was having some low abdominal pain last night & it's still a little achey today. My next doc appointment is Tuesday so I'm gonna ask about that when I go. It's not the first time it's happened. I'm also going to ask when is the soonest I can go off work on maternity leave. The days are just sooooo long (close to 13 hours) & for the majority of the time I am on my feet, that's what's hardest about it. And I still get extremely short of breath with even the smallest effort. And I'm still pretty tired compared to my usual state of energy. I am definitely eating better these days. Still not totally back to my normal when it comes to that, but definitely getting closer & doing better.

I gathered up the ingredients I need to make the baby formula this week, with the exception of the milk itself. There was one ingredient I could not find, but I got a health food store in Riverside to special order it for me. As soon as it comes in I will get the milk too & make a couple of batches & freeze them so it's ready when the baby arrives. You never know, sometimes they decide to arrive ahead of schedule & I want to be prepared. So the most effort that has to be made in making the formula is that you have to make your own whey. I did that this week & found that it's actually super easy. So I made a bunch of whey & froze it for when I'm ready to use it. I was a little disappointed with the curds that are left over though. I had asked people online what I could do with them, cuz I didn't want to just waste them & throw them out & they all said to eat them. They said to use it like cream cheese. I thought that was great cuz I LOVE cream cheese. The texture of it sure looked like cream cheese. So I made myself some toast & spread it on & took a bite & was quite shocked. These curds were sooooo sour they make lemon juice look like nothing. There was just no way I could eat these. But I was pleased to find that the dogs absolutely LOVED the curds. I gave it all to them, to all 3 of them, & they all devoured it all & stared at me as if they wanted more. So at least it wasn't a total waste I guess & at least I know they'll eat them up in the future when I have to make more whey.

This is also great cuz I normally take whey protein shakes after I lift weights (my normal workouts, when I'm not pregnant) & those whey shake powders cost a fortune (at least the ones with the better quality whey & good ingredients do). So knowing how to make my own whey (which I'm told is even better quality than the best you can buy in a powder) will be a valuable thing for me as I get back into weight lifting after the baby is born.

So we are still waiting to take the tour at Riverside Community Hospital on the 28th so we can decide which hospital to have the baby at. And I signed up for a carseat safety class next month too. They offered it at Parkview Community. Both hospitals offer a lot of free classes & I should probably just take advantage & go I'm thinking. But carseats are something I really don't know much about & at the end of the class you get a free carseat & they said it's a really nice one, too. They said when you have the baby in the hospital if you don't have a carseat they will provide you with one, but that it's not very nice. So I decided I could certainly use the info the class has to offer & we could always use a carseat too. I did register for a carseat with a matching stroller (they are super cute!!), but having a second carseat is always a good thing I am told. And just cuz I registered for it doesn't mean I'll get it.

As for Casa Buendia: not much going on here. Our house is not finished & not put back together yet, we are still waiting on the insurance. I saw the Hicks & the our contractor (they have the same contractor) this morning. I went out to chat with the Hicks & my contractor told me that the insurance had denied paying for the heater in our water damage claim. When our insurance adjuster had come out he didn't believe it until he saw it with his own eyes. He even said that he has worked for Allstate for 26 years & he has never seen anything like this. But apparently when he put the paperwork through his boss said that couldn't possibly happen & he wouldn't approve it, so we're still fighting (we still have the heater here as evidence too, thank God). I truly just want to finish our house, it should take too long once they get in here & start working, but we need to finish off the approval of insurance first.

I guess that's all for now....................

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