Monday, January 12, 2009

26 weeks & Casa Buendia updates

I would’ve posted this sooner, but I have not been able to access my MySpace account up until now. I’m not sure what’s going on...........

Ok, so I was 26 weeks on Saturday. The baby is now over a foot long (15 inches I think?) & should be weighing under 2 lbs still, but at my ultrasound last month they already said it weighed 2 lbs, so yeah, I’m guessing it’s gonna be a big baby. Just 2 more weeks & I’ll be entering my final trimester, yay!!! I can’t wait to be done with this pregnancy stuff! :(

We still have the majority of people guessing it’s a girl. We have a few that think it’s a boy, but not very many. And I had coworkers do that necklace test thing & that said it was a girl too, so we’ll just have to wait & see how accurate that is.

My OB wants me to decide which hospital I want to have the baby at. The choice is between Parkview Community & Riverside Community. Hubby & I took a tour at Parkview, but I want to take a tour at RCH before I make my decision & that tour is on Jan 28th. My next appointment with my OB is on the 20th I think.

I did workout a lot more this week, but I am getting VERY short of breath VERY easily now. I went ahead & moved to the 3rd trimester pilates workout (a couple of weeks ahead of schedule). I want to move to the 3rd trimester yoga workout, but I need a folding chair to do so. I am trying to find one to borrow right now for that.

The baby continues to move around more & more all the time, but it varies greatly. Some days it’s VERY active & other days not so much. I have noticed that on the days I work it’s much more active. I’m not sure why this is—maybe cuz there’s so much noise around me, it’s stimulating the baby somehow??

I’ve been getting really bad leg cramps at night. This is usually caused by a lack of potassium, so I’ve been eating 1-2 bananas each day, but it’s not going away & is REALLY painful. It can also be caused by a lack of calcium or magnesium. I have been craving dairy like crazy lately, so maybe it’s a lack of calcium, but with all the dairy I’m consuming I would think it would lessen. I’ll have to look up magnesium & see what I need to eat to get more of that. If not I’ll be sure to mention it to my OB at my next appointment.

As for Casa Buendia: we are still on hold here waiting on the insurance to make some decisions before we can proceed. Our insurance adjuster came out to see the water damage stuff cuz we added on the ducts & heater to the damage from that claim. When the adjuster came our contractor was here—so it was just me, our contractor & our insurance adjuster. The adjuster came in with a major attitude & was not being nice to our contractor at all. I was a little shocked by his behavior & based on the expression on our contactor’s face I think he was too. They started out in the master bedroom & I explained where & how we first discovered the slab leak & how it all proceeded from there. Then the adjuster started ignoring me & asking questions of our contractor. So I kinda snuck away to the living room (not liking the adjuster’s behavior/attitude), BUT when I heard him arguing that he wasn’t gonna pay for the new covers to the vents I just felt I HAD to pop my head in & explain to him that we did actually have water dripping out of our vents in several rooms. He looked shocked by this, but he seemed to believe me more than our contractor. I went back to the living room & texted hubby about the situation. Hubby texted me back to pray. So I did, I sat down on the couch & prayed about the whole situation. The adjuster & our contractor worked their way from the master bedroom to the master bath to the garage & then outside to look at the old heating unit. Once they made their way back inside things seemed to have changed—the adjuster was being much more nice now. He also told me that he has worked for allstate for 26 years now & he has never seen a case like this. He said if he hadn’t seen that heater with his own eyes he never would’ve believed it. It was then that I realized why he came in here with such an attitude, he had already looked over what our contractor was claiming & thought he was totally full of it. But we are still stuck, waiting for the insurance to decide how much more they are willing to pay for this claim. Once they decide that & send us a check we can move forward with the work on our house.

As for life in general: stress continues to abound from all directions for us. We were really hoping the new year would be kinder than last year was to us, but so far that is most definitely not the case. We would appreciate continued prayers, especially for my hubby. Even though I am feeling stressed I honestly don’t think I can even fathom what my hubby is going through, as most of this stress is directed at him. We are truly taking life one day at a time right now, there's really not much else we can do.

As for the neighborhood here: the Hicks’ house is already completely gone now. They have now moved to my brother in law’s house & are tearing down most of it.

I think that’s all the updates I have for now.....................

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