Friday, January 2, 2009

25 weeks tomorrow & Casa Buendia updates....

So tomorrow I am 25 weeks, 3 more weeks & I'll be entering my 3rd & final trimester. At this point I do feel excited & cannot wait for the baby to make it's arrival. I love feeling the baby move around, it moves a lot these days. I've tried to pay attention to it's routine, but haven't noticed much of one. It seems to sleep for pretty short intervals. I assume it's alternating sleep & wake back & forth with very short intervals.

I saw the high risk OB for another in depth ultrasound. They said all is well & I do not have to continue following the high risk OB doc anymore, unless something changes. That's a great big yahoo for me! I originally started out following 3 docs (OB, high risk OB, & cardiologist)—it was a nightmare trying to keep up with all those appointments. First the cardiologist told me I didn't need to come back (unless there was a change) & now the high risk doc says the same thing. I am happy because that means less doc appointments, but it also means that all is well, which is a big load off my mind. So far all is well, the baby appears totally normal, & I have none of all those possible complications. So with the last ultrasound the baby was breech & it still is now. I know that the farther along I get the bigger the baby gets & the less room it has to turn around, so the chances of it turning become less & less. I know that a breech baby used to be an automatic C-section, but I don't know if that's still the case now. I will have to do some research on that. My other issue was that my placenta was very low & they were concerned it might be or become placenta previa (meaning bedrest, which I was totally dreading the possibility of), but it has risen up as the uterus expanded & there is no longer any risk with that either. So I am really happy about that. So my next doc appointment with my OB is January 20th. And that is my ONLY pending doc appointment I am so pleased to say.

I finally got to work out this week. On Monday when the workers finished up they cleared out our garage for us, which was really nice of them. So I finally had room to get to my bike & on Tuesday I rode it for an hour. I felt sooooo much better afterwards. I LOVE working out, without it my body gets tired & achey & my mood is just not as good as when I do workout. I am so happy to be able to return to my workouts. I also got some yoga & pilates in along with more spinning, yay!!

I am still planning to make my own formula for the baby. This month I plan to start gathering up ingredients needed for that. By next month or March I plan to have a batch or two of formula made & frozen so that as soon as I come home from the hospital it will be ready for the baby. Hubby can even thaw it out for me while I'm still in the hospital. The jury is still out on the vaccine issue. And I am starting to look into homeschooling cuz I have no clue about it & I am told you can start at age 2. I know for sure I don't want to do public schools & I doubt we can afford private schooling, so I'm assuming home schooling it will be, but that's not a definite yet.

As for Casa Buendia updates: the workers re-piped the plumbing through the attic & removed the acoustic ceilings. They also patched up all the holes that were cut in the walls for the re-piping of the plumbing & they did a fantastic job at it in my opinion. They are now taking a break, there will be no more work at the house until after the insurance sends out an adjustor on January 5th. I think all we have left is to paint & carpet & have the blinds & drapes cleaned. And both the kids bedrooms need new doors (they punched holes in the doors when they were younger), so I'm thinking we should get new doors hung right now while we're doing all this work. Then I think the only thing we have left is to replace the dishwasher (it's been on it's last leg for a while now), which I'm pretty sure we can swing on our own if we have to. And we do have some wood that needs replacing outside, we definitely have termites, so that will probably get done when they repaint the outside (hubby was saying he could always do that part himself if they just remove the bad wood & leave that part for him.

I'm still fighting a bad cold. The flu I originally had was short lived & thank God I never had a fever with it. But right after it went away I had a sore throat, cough, lots of congestion, & was losing my voice. My voice is now back & the sore throat is gone, but I still have the cough & congestion. Hopefully this will be short lived. Karla has it too, not sure who got it first really, seemed like it hit both of us the same day.

I think that's all the updates for now.......................

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