Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Making progress

So this morning & yesterday morning little J slept til 6 am!!! To me this is a reasonable time to get up so to me this is sleeping through the night--yahoooooo!!

I have to say that I really, really like the schedule he has right now & I'm hoping it doesn't change much from here on out. He wakes up at 6 & eats, takes a little nap while I work out, shower, do my makeup & hair (he's not asleep the whole time, I usually put him in the swing & he dozes off & on). Then at 9 I bathe him & dress him & feed him. He's now taking a little nap. He'll be due to eat at noon & 3 & 6--he's still wanting to eat every 3 hours. I'm sure somewhere in the afternoon he'll need another nap. And around 6 or 7 pm he's usually ready for bedtime. So today I'm planning to put him in pj's at the last feeding. Up until now I really wasn't sure when his last feeding of the day would be so I never got to put him in pj's (cuz I never wanted to wake him just to put him in pjs!). But now I'm seeing a pattern emerge & I'm ready to do it. I'm also planning to read him a bedtime story. That way I can establish a bedtime routine for him. When I put him to bed in his regular clothes he kicks off his covers a lot (he moves around A LOT while he's sleeping) & in the morning his little feet & hands are really cold, so I think pj's will keep him warm even without covers.

This morning was soooo wonderful. A lot of times when he's REALLY hungry he's screaming his head off so desperate for food, especially while I change his diaper & he's hungry. And he also does this when he has a poopy diaper. He couldn't care less about pee, but hates the poop! So this morning I wake to hear him not crying, but just "talking". I look at the clock & it's 6 am. I look into the crib & he's wide awake, just looks at me like "ahhh, mom's here!!" I grab him (thinking he's on the verge of screaming) & start to change his diaper (which is full of poop!). The whole time I'm changing him he's just laying there smiling & cooing at me. I couldn't believe it!! Then I sat him down with the bottle & he just ate as calmly as could be. I was loving life!! I sure hope the day continues like this!! And I checked the clock today--I started his bath at 9 & then dressed him & made his bottle & was feeding him at 9:15--I'm getting much faster at the bath routine!!

I am noticing now that when he gets fussy it usually means he either has a burp or he needs a nap. Life is definitely getting easier.

Sundays are hard for me cuz I have to have me & him ready for church in the morning. Hubby usually helps me bathe him & feed him, etc to make this easier. I had assumed that he was just doing it to help me out, but last Sunday he shared with me how he looks forward all week long to Sunday mornings & getting to bathe him, etc. That just totally melted my heart!!

Mondays are hard cuz we go to Bible study at church on Monday nights. Last Monday he fell asleep on the way there in the car (6pm). I guess he woke up while there (he drank a little of his bottle, but not much) & was still awake when we picked him up at 9:45 pm. By the time we got home he had fallen asleep again, but when hubby took him out of the car seat he woke up & wouldn't fall back to sleep. We ended up putting him in the swing--but I hate for him to spend ALL NIGHT in the swing like that--just doesn't seem good. I think next Monday maybe I'll leave him in the car seat & see if he'll sleep through the night there--I think it's better than the swing at least.....

I think that's all the updates I have for now...........

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