Tuesday, May 18, 2010

13 months updates

So little J is now 13 months. It seems like there was so much excitement over hitting the 12th month, so much momentum leading up to that point & now that has faded--13 months doesn't seem so exciting really. But of course I always make an effort to enjoy every stage, so it's not that I'm not happy about it, it just doesn't feel like as big of a deal as all the past months did.

He gained a pound over the last month, now weighing in at 24.4 lbs, which puts him in the 50-75% for his age. But his height is still 30", putting him in the 25-50% for his age, & his head circumference is still 19", putting him in the 75-90% for his age. He appears to still have a big brain, but he's getting short, LOL. His height hasn't changed since he turned 10 months & his head circumference hasn't changed since he turned 11 months. He definitely has a long torso & short legs. Daddy & I both have long torsos, but average length legs, so hopefully his legs will catch up at some point, haha!

He is walking really well now, probably about 90% of the time. He's also getting better with the sippy cup, but I still help him with it during his mealtime. I will help him with his milk, kefir, & water (he drinks A LOT of water, just like mom!), but I also always leave a sippy of juice available just like the water & I refuse to help him with that one. He likes juice so much that he works hard to drink it & this is really helping to teach him how to use the sippy cup by himself. I also always leave a sippy cup of water in his crib overnight. He's not so cranky in the morning now. He almost always drinks from it somewhere during the night &/or in the morning when he first wakes up. I'm getting a little more sleep because of this, which is a good thing. He still wakes up early, but since he can drink the water if he's thirsty he's not gonna cry about being thirsty & he will play quietly in his crib until I wake up most days now. And I usually wake up at 6 or 7 on my own. 7:15 has been the latest I've slept til since he's been quiet & that was only one day that that happened.

He usually still takes his morning nap, but it's usually a short one. And he always still takes a 2 hour afternoon nap, sometimes from 1-3, but more often now it's 2-4 & sometimes even 3-5. Yesterday it was actually 4-6!! He still tries really hard to stay awake until daddy gets home from work which I think is so cute. He normally goes to bed for the night somewhere between 6-8 pm, but yesterday after such a late nap he stayed up til 10 pm!!

He's still wearing mostly size 18 month clothes, although he is wearing "some" of his 24 month clothes, but they are a tad large on him. He has a lot of summer clothes in size 24 month so I pulled them out to make sure they get used, even if they are a tad large. I would hate to wait for him to move to that size after the warm weather has passed & they never got used.

As for upcoming milestones: I guess there's talking & using things like a spoon & fork. I'm sure there's many other smaller ones, but those are the big ones that come to mind. I am very insistent on not forcing him to do any milestones. Based on what I've seen so far he will do it when he's ready whether I show him how or not. And yeah, I keep reminding myself that if they HAD to be taught we'd have a whole bunch of people in society who had negligent parents (ie drug addicts that pay no attention to their kids--screaming or not--while they are getting high) who wouldn't know how to walk or use forks & spoons, etc. And of course you just don't see that sort of stuff, unless they have a developmental delay of course, that's a whole other situation.

I've seen some people who try to potty train at a really early age, like a year old & even younger. I see them getting so frustrated & the poor kid is frustrated (& probably going to end up with zero self esteem). If they don't even have the physical ability to do it it's just so pointless & harmful to be trying to force it IMO.

That's all I can think of for updates at the moment..........until next month.......

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