Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Your Baby Can Read" update #5

Well little J has officially finished this program, he actually did a couple of days prior to his birthday. Now he is supposed to randomly view the videos daily & we are supposed to be reading books, lots of books.

The problem is that little J is bored to death with the videos. He doesn't want to watch them anymore. I was starting to have this problem earlier on. I moved to the last two DVDs a little early because he was bored with the previous ones. I also had changed his viewing schedule to once a day instead of twice a day & that helped a lot too.

He also will not sit & read a book with me. He likes to look at his books & flip the pages & look at them, but he won't sit with me & do it like that, at least not yet.

So I feel like we're a little stuck for now.

In the morning while I workout & shower I have changed up his viewing schedule & it's working well. I record two shows on TV for him (auto b. good & cherub's wings). So here's an example of how his weekly viewing goes. Monday: auto b. good Tuesday: cherub's wings Wednesday: Your Baby Can Read Thursday: Spanish Your Baby Can Read Friday: Veggie Tales Saturday: Spanish Veggie Tales Sunday: Your Baby Can Read

Decreasing how many days per week that he views the Your Baby Can Read DVDs does increase his interest in them. And he still loves the flashcards.

Last Saturday we took part in a research study on children that have done the Your Baby Can Read program. Two psychologists came to our home & did various testing on little J & I filled out lots of questionnaires. They also had an IQ test, but I was hating it (the way it was being done anyways) & made hubby take it instead. He was a great sport & did it. They really don't tell us anything, just that they are collecting data for research. We have no idea how he did by their standards. A lot of the testing they were doing I didn't get to see because I was filling out so many questionnaires. I did, however, see them holding up 2 flashcards & saying one of those words & he had to choose one. At first he was carefully looking at both of them & most of the time choosing the right word (I was amazed at this!), but then he quickly lost his attention span & was just quickly grabbing stuff without taking a good look. I was encouraged by that, though, & plan to continue doing that with the 2 flashcards in the future. They did seem impressed that he knows his name so well & that he will engage in activity with people & follow commands.

That's all the updates I can think of at the moment.......

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