Thursday, January 20, 2011

21 month updates on Lil J

So Lil J is now 21 months old.  It feels like the 2 year mark is RIGHT around the corner now.  But of course it's still 3 months away.

He now weighs 29 lbs (50-75%), he is 34" tall (50-75%), & has a head circumference of 20" (>95%).

I don't think there's a whole lot of new info this month, no major drastic changes to report, but he seems to still be learning a lot these days.  He's still thinking a lot & learning quickly.  He learns new things almost every day.  His comprehension is very good, probably much better than we even realize.  And more & more these days he is following commands.  Most of the time I just ask him to do things just to see if he understands or not.

His vocabulary is growing rapidly as well.  He now has more words & 2-3 word phrases as well.  I don't think I can even recall all of his words & phrases.  And he seems to go through phases where he says something over & over & over & then he'll stop saying it for a while & later on he'll start it up again.  For example, a while back he kept saying "nose" while pointing at his nose.  He'd say it over & over.  Then he suddenly stopped saying it, he didn't say it at all, not even if we encouraged it.  He didn't say it for at least a few weeks.  And then suddenly just a few days ago he started saying it again.  I assume this is normal. 

He still watches us very closely & tries to immitate many things he sees us doing.  And he LOVES to help.  When I'm cleaning he wants to clean too.  When I'm folding laundry he will keep handing me the next piece of clothing to be folded.  He's still very OCD & a neat freak.  One night he was hanging out in big sister's room & I went to check on him & he was picking up trash on her floor & putting it in the trash can for her, LOL!  She swears she didn't teach him that, he just does it.  (big sister & big brother are not neat freaks at all like mommy & daddy are, LOL)

I think that's all the updates I have for now.  Until next month......


Danielle-Marie said...

Your little guy sounds ahead of mine where speech is concerned. I actually read this a few days ago and felt a little worried so at my daughter's doctor's appointment I brought it up just in case.

Landon also loves to imitate people. I've seen more of that this past month than before.

I really love this stage. Well besides the temper tantrums.

Frau Guten Tag said...

He's really just VERY recently started saying more things. Up until VERY recently I think he had less than 5 words that he would say, at least that we could understand. I also felt like he was behind in this area & was getting a little concerned (even though hubby kept insisting he was fine & all kids develop at different rates in different areas) & my doc said he was totally ok. She said girls develop more in language at an earlier age & most of my friends do have girls, so I think after seeing their girls it would make me think that Joseph was really behind. My doc did, however, seem a little concerned that he didn't call us "mommy" & "daddy" (or some title similar to that) & he now has the "daddy" down, but still not "mommy". But my doc said that usually after they turn 2 they have an explosion of words, whereas I was sort of expecting a gradual & steady progression of words.

I do love this stage as well, but yeah, I don't care for the tantrums much either, LOL

Pretty Pauline said...

I know you're just the best Mom! Come help me get my brood in shape...

Frau Guten Tag said...

I truly feel like a complete & utter failure most days lately. But I do know that I try my absolute best & I take it one day at a time. I try to stay focused: my #1 priority above all else is to teach him the ways of the Lord.