Monday, January 17, 2011

Children & their weaknesses (health-wise)

I have no idea if there have been any studies done or if there is any proof behind what I'm saying.  But it seems to me that each of us all have an area of weakness health-wise.  In some cases it seems to be  moreso in a child & at some point they outgrow it, but in other cases it seems to come on later in life & even continue into adulthood.  And in some cases it begins in childhood & continues throughout adulthood.

When I was a child I don't remember having a tendency towards respiratory issues.  But I do remember when I was in junior high I got a REALLY bad case of bronchitis.  They diagnosed it as bronchitis, but I would actually argue that it had spread into pneumonia, given how sick I was.  And from that point on if I got sick I would end up with respiratory issues & it the cough would last for a really long time (sometimes well over a month, even with antibiotics).

I know I struggled with chronic ear infections, beginning at the age of 1 week old.  Those continued into my early 20s & then suddenly stopped.  Praise God, those were sooooo incredibly painful.  By the time I was a teen I remember docs telling me that I should've had tubes put in my ears as a young child.  So nice that nobody bothered to mention that back then.

And then there's UTIs (urinary tract infections).  I believe my first one was at the age of 6 or so.  And I still struggle with these even today.  That's been a life-long battle for me.  I have found some great natural preventions & remedies, so I don't have to take antibiotics as often as I used to, but occasionally it does get past me & it does progress to the point of needing antibiotics.

So there are three different examples (all of me) of medical weaknesses that I have had inclinations toward & have fought with.  But I know I'm not alone, I see it in others plenty as well.

My stepson was born prematurely.  He has always been the first one to get sick in the family.  He gets sick very easily & he always has a tendency towards respiratory issues when he gets sick.  I have heard from other people that premies always have respiratory issues, so it does make sense to me.

My Lil J is already showing digestive issues.  I do believe we are going to see many years of digestive issues with him.  He loves yogurt, he loves kefir, I've given him lots of probiotics on top of that as well.  And yet diarrhea is still an issue for him.  Aside from one time when he was sneezing & very stuffy all his other issues have been digestive, mostly being diarrhea.  I will forever wonder if it's somehow related to me taking antibiotics during my pregnancy &/or during labor.  But of course I will never know for sure.  I do also tend to think that his food allergies/intolerances could simply be a digestive issue, that he's somehow not assimilating & digesting certain foods properly.

And I know I've seen cases like that in other people, I know me & my family are not the only ones. 

I, personally, am planning & gearing up to try to find ways to strengthen Lil J's digestive system naturally, so we can hopefully put an end to the diarrhea battles sooner rather than later.


Danielle-Marie said...

Wow. We have a lot in common with our health issues. I also have always had difficulties with respiratory problems. I made my mom cry just by coughing because I hacked so violently every time I got a cold. I also had chronic ear infections. As a baby, my mom says I had them every 6 weeks. I outgrew them too thankfully, although I probably should have gotten tubes in my ears. I'm also very susceptible to UTI's. Particularly when I am pregnant. I had many of them with both pregnancies because of my gestational diabetes and the excess sugar in my urine creating more of a "healthy" area for bacteria to grow. I also had UTIs following both deliveries from having a catheter.

I'm sorry you're having issues with your son's digestive system. We've been really lucky with Landon. He's been sick three times since he was born and he's never really had diarrhea. Hannah on the other hand gets constipated SO easily and I have to "help" her poop a lot. It's really sad.

Frau Guten Tag said...

I guess if I had to choose between diarrhea & constipation I guess I'd choose the diarrhea. It isn't all that often, really, perhaps I made it sound like it is. It just seems to be a recurring trend. I did forget that in November he had a cold with a bad cough, but aside from one head cold & one cough cold all his issues have been diarrhea.

I'm sure you already know, but as a nurse I always try to help people by sharing knowledge. If you had gestational diabetes you have a high chance of becoming a type 2 diabetic later on in life. Just stay active & watch what you eat. Since you were so good at managing it during your pregnancies I would think you would be good enough to prevent it from happening permanently later on. Just FYI in case you didn't know that.

Pretty Pauline said...

I have heard that taking a multiple enzyme can be very helpful for those digestive issues and would love to also try it for my allergy boy. Just haven't done it yet...

Frau Guten Tag said...

I would love more info on this, Pauline. Is it something I can get over the counter or is it something I need to get from the doctor?