Saturday, March 19, 2011

23 month updates on Lil J

So Lil J is now 23 months! Wow, how time has FLOWN by!! One more month & he is the big TWO!!!!!

He now weighs 28.4 lbs (50-75%) (he lost a little), is 34" tall (25-50%) & has a head circumference of 20" (90-95%).

It's been an interesting past month. He started doing a lot of climbing, including trying to climb out of his crib. So we ended up converting to a toddler bed (which is his crib with a different front panel on it) to prevent him from falling out of the crib & possibly hurting himself. That in & of itself has been quite an event for us this month. When I put him down to bed the first night he kept wanting to get up, but I explained to him that he needed to stay in bed & go to sleep & he did listen. But then later on that night somehow slid out onto the floor. He does move constantly all day long & even in his sleep as well. So I don't think he got up, I honestly think he just moved near the opening & slid out. The whole night I was half awake, listening to make sure he was ok & I heard a lot of movement & then a small short cry. When I rushed to check on him I found him sitting upright on the floor in front of his bed. Hubby came then to & he put him back in bed & he fell right back to sleep. But the next day he was terrified to take his nap in the bed & for a few days he refused to nap. Bedtime is a tad easier than naptime, I think simply because it's DARK at bedtime & he can't see to roam around. The only way I can get him to nap is to stay with him until he falls asleep.

As for other happenings this past month: lots of tantrums, lots of time-outs, & lots of new words & phrases. He now can high-5 (thanks to Kahlil) & he blows kisses. He is getting much better at expressing his needs & wants, even if it's not verbally. He is FINALLY starting to sit (for a minute at time or so) & look at his books NICELY, not being rough & tearing them up now. And a couple of times he brings me a book & sits in front of me wanting me to read it to him. That's something I've been wanting so badly, but there was no sign of it coming EVER. So I am very pleased with that.

That's really all I can think of for now..........


Danielle-Marie said...

Sounds like he is doing great. Landon did the same thing when we converted him to a toddler bed. We went back to the crib since Landon wasn't climbing out of it. He slept great again for about a month and now he's up again every night. Maybe I should go back to the toddler bed?

Hard to believe they're going to be 2. What are Lil J's birthday plans?

Our Peculiar Lives said...

Those bed changes are hard adjustments. :( He'll get it, though!