Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY: July 31, 2012

Outside my window...  It's a very warm day but not hot enough to need the air conditioner on, thank goodness.  The breeze is finally starting to pick up now also, which really helps.

I am thinking...  about life, the past, the present; I sometimes seem to struggle with reconciling my past with the present

I am thankful...  for my husband & kids & our life together

In the kitchen...  I need to make a big batch of almond milk, I'm on my last quart of it right now, but I'm feeling too lazy to do so.....will do it before the day ends

I am wearing... a lavender tank top & denim shorts

I am creating...  been working a lot outdoors, making our yard nice & neat & clean; it used to ALWAYS be this way, but it has been let go here & there over the past couple of years, life's just been very busy since Lil J was born

I am going...  to try to spend less time on the internet

I am wondering...   about how a friend from my past can approach me some 15 years later & act like all is peachy between us when the very last conversation we had was him telling me exactly what he thought of me as a person & that I was basically pond scum in his eyes

I am reading... lots of Bible & not much else really right now, just haven't been in the mood I guess

I am hoping...  to kick this sinus problem FAST, it's been lingering for a while now & it's REALLY killing me; it usually means I'm eating too much sugar or too much grains (well, since sugar is a grain it's all the same really)

I am looking forward to...  my hubby coming home from work

I am learning.....  to teach Lil J to read, I am finally starting to get the hang of the method of the book I'm using.  I didn't like it at first & I'm still not thrilled about it, but Lil J sure does love it, so I'll stick with it for his sake

Around the house...  did all my house cleaning yesterday--bathrooms, floors, dusting, laundry--still gotta do the kitchen, probably on Thursday

I am pondering...  how this line is different from the "I am wondering" line..........it seems a tad repetitious to me....

A favorite quote for today...  Micah 7:9 I will be patient as the Lord punishes me, for I have sinned against him.  But after that, he will take up my case & give me justice for all I have suffered from my enemies.  The Lord will bring me into the light, & I will see his righteousness.  I saw this scripture when I was making my Child Training Bible & was surprised that I don't remember noticing it before.

One of my favorite things...  Teaching my son about the Bible

A few plans for the rest of the week:  grocery shopping, more playtime with my Lil J, hopefully some fun this weekend with my hubby

I am praying for:  my health, hubby's sleep, lots of family & friends, for Israel's protection

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