Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Child Training Bible

This is one of the best parenting resources I have learned of since becoming a parent.  More info can be found at the website for this product.  Especially good is the how-to video they have at that website.  My cousin told me about this product & I immediately ordered it & it arrived about 2 days later (very fast IMO) & I ordered the tabs & highlighters from the links on the website (which is through & they arrived the very same day.  So I sat down that afternoon & put it all together.  I saw some comments on their website that the shipping was too pricey for what you're getting, BUT I don't think those people are realizing how FAST it will arrive.  To me it was worth it since it did arrive so quickly.  It took me a few hours (maybe 3-4 hours) to put it together, but I absolutely love it & feel it was a totally worthwhile project.  Since I only have one small child (& my husband was home on vacation & was able to help watch him while I was putting it together) it was doable for me, but I could actually see where some people might want this & not be able to find the time to get it put together due to having several children & other demands in their lives.  I do think it would be great if they offered the option of paying more money but receiving the whole thing already put together for you.  I personally would still choose the option of doing it myself, but I think it would be nice to have the option available to others.

After I finished I went back through & double checked myself.  I found a few mistakes.  Verses I had highlighted but not tabbed.  Verses I had skipped altogether.  Verses I had tabbed, but not highlighted.  More than one verse of the same color (but different topics) on the same page that weren't labelled accordingly.  I am glad I invested a little extra time to double check myself & know that it is complete.  I do highly recommend double checking yourself afterwards.  It's very easy to miss things without realizing it.

I have observed parents who tell their kids what the Bible has to say.  But the child themselves never actually opens their Bible for themselves.  So as a parent I knew it was really important to me to actually train up my son to open up his Bible for himself & be comfortable with using it & knowledgable about the Bible in general as well.  I want him to know that it's where you first turn when making any sort of decision in life as well as for any issues/problems in life.  But I also believe in order to instill this as firmly as I desire in my heart that I must be the one who teaches him the how-to & the habit of doing it & I must do so starting at a young age.  I want to show him firsthand what the Bible has to say & where & how to find that info.  My son is only 3 as of now, but I have been thinking this over in the back of my mind since I was only pregnant, trying to think up a logical & systematic way of accomplishing this.

I have always struggled with creativity.  Oftentimes I see a need (like needing an approach to teaching my son the Bible) & I go to my husband & he is the creative half of us & he often comes up with solutions for me for a lot of things in life.  He is totally amazing like that.  It's a gift that I really wish I had.  And occasionally I do have that ability, but it's very limited & only in certain areas of life.  

I do think there are areas where this product could possibly be improved, BUT overall I think it's REALLY amazing & far better than anything I had come up with so far myself.  I will admit that I don't think it will work for EVERYONE out there.  While it seems very well structured & organized to me, I know that not everyones minds' work the same way.  So I'm sure there are some people out there that this would seem confusing to.  It's just a matter of knowing yourself & what works & doesn't work for you & your family.

My hubby was a little confused about it, even after watching the video on the website.  And especially while watching me put it together.  But once it was done I showed him how it works & he does get it now.  I told him to feel free to use it with his 18 year old son if he feels led to.

You need a  9x6" Bible to use for this.  On the website they use the ESV pew Bible, but I really prefer the NLT, so I ordered this one.  I do wish it had Jesus' words in red, it doesn't, but I wanted to keep this project affordable & not buy a fancy, expensive Bible.  So I feel it does the job for this particular use.  

Overall I am absolutely THRILLED with this project & tool & cannot recommend it highly enough.  If you have it or do get it & use it I would love for you to leave comments sharing your thoughts & experiences.  


Danielle-Marie said...

Thanks for the review...I'll have to check this out. We read a "children's bible" before bed every night that's illustrated. I learned how to read the bible in Catholic school at a pretty early age but there's no harm in starting them even sooner, to get them familiar!

P.S. I've been making the almond milk!

Frau Guten Tag said...

Glad to hear you're making the almond milk, hope it's working well for you. It's always my first choice, although Lil J is back on rice milk for now.